UK artist Lancey Foux is a vocal contortionist: his voice slides up and down the beautiful, dreamy production in his latest single, pulling off an auto-tuned-falsetto that flows in and out of his regular singing voice as his voice dances over the beat. This self-produced song, “TODAY OR TOMORROW” manages to be both carefree and tough at the same time.

As the bass rumbles and completes the drums and melody of the production, we can’t help but realize that this multi-talented artist has something special; anyone can sing over a beat they found, but Lancey Foux produced this single himself and perks up our ears with his experimental way of laying vocals on this track. However, that’s not to say the track has lost its mainstream appeal at all. The sound of auto-tuned vocals over crisp-sounding production is a familiar formula that works, and Lancey’s vocal style is unique enough to keep things interesting but conventional enough to be appreciated by a wide audience. Hence, the potential we see in this rising superstar.

You can check out the music video below.