Gucci Sid’s “COUNT IT UP is a confident, thumping track that doesn’t try to do too much; this new song, paired with its music video, is easy to digest but memorable at the same time.

The production is simple but effective with no melody: just some hi-hats, a clap, and a cowbell, leaving lots of space for the full, heavy bass to take up room. Gucci Sid rides the minimalist beat smoothly, dropping a catchy hook about counting up his money. It’s not so much the lyrics (which the average hip-hop listener has heard thousands of times) that Gucci Sid comes up with but his delivery that catches our ears. Far too often, rappers try to find all kinds of ways to rhyme and put together complex, intricate flows that just simply don’t sound that great. There’s a time and place for that type of writing, just like there’s a time and place for Gucci Sid’s simple but charismatic flow that finds its perfectly-fitting pocket in the production.