Reigning from Pittsburgh we are here talking to Jetskiii. Jetskiii is a producer from the collective RADIATION. His style is very unique and while he still not a heavy hitter in the underground, he still packs quite a punch. Check out what he has to say to UVC in this interview.

First off for the people that don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is jason (most people know me as jetskiii), and I’m an 18 year old producer from pittsburgh, PA.

What made you get into production?

So I was on youtube about 2 years ago or so and I saw the music video for the song off white by global dan. I didn’t know who he was but I liked the song so I decided to check out the youtube channel it was uploaded on which was the producer Dollie’s account. I looked at more of the videos and most of them were his beats. I didn’t even know producing as a hobby was really a thing but it looked really cool so I looked into it more and decided I’d give it a try. Watched a few busy works beats videos and since then it’s basically consumed my life.

That’s actually super cool, I remember listening to that song during like summer of 2017?

Yeah I think I found the song May of 2017 and I made my first beat towards the end of July.

What made you keep going after you made the first beat?

Honestly I thought it would be an easy way to make money (it isn’t at all) so I wanted to grow my youtube channel so I could sell beats but I eventually fell in love with the music aspect and stopped uploading to youtube.

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

It still counts as music but aside from producing I’ve been playing drums for 7 years, although I’ve slowed down since I moved into college. I also like to skate and snowboard when I have the time.

How did you start playing drums? Was it just on your own or through school?

Well I started out playing piano, but my brother started playing at around the same time as I did and got way better than me so I decided to just switch to another instrument and I thought it would be cool to play the drum set. When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to be a part of a rock band so that definitely influenced my decision but unfortunately that never happened hahaha

That’s still super cool, I played clarinet from 3rd grade all the way through high school and it made me appreciate music so much more than I would’ve without it, I’m sure the drums helped you do the same thing.

Yeah for sure, my music background and having a brother who goes to college for music composition has 100% helped getting into making beats easier and still helps to this day.

So what made you choose the name jetskiii?

It has kind of a funny origin, I guess a lot of people don’t know this but lil pump used to go by lil pump jetskiii, so i basically jugged the jetskiii part and made it my name because I didn’t think I would end up taking producing seriously. I feel like it’s kind of corny though, so in the near future i’m probably just gonna start going by jet, but jetskiii will always be a classic name.

Your beats still have that raw energy to match though so it makes sense you took that name. How did you come about joining radiation?

Radiation was really new when I first found it on twitter. I saw the roster for the group and I was already friends with Mochila, and I already knew about hellfiger, quali and hoodwtch and wanted to work with them. I wanted to join but didn’t want to be that guy to ask to join a group but when I saw them tweet that they were looking to add another producer I had to respond.

How do you like being in it and being able to collaborate with so many different artists?

I love the energy of the group and it has lead to a lot of amazing music. Hoodwtch is probably my favorite producer to work with. Since I joined radiation we have made like 30 beats together. I also have tons of really good music in the vault with hellfiger, mochila, and lil spirit, and much more to come. The rest of the year will be busy for us for sure. Also I have a ton of new music coming about with yungster jack!

Do you thinking collectives are needed in the underground or do you think it’s just a solid ground for collaborations?

Collectives get a lot of hate sometimes but honestly I think they’re a really good catalyst for creating good music and keeping the underground fresh. Everyone is doing their thing. Surfgang is probably my favorite collective at the moment, and neilaworld is an obvious powerhouse too. I also see IOA making noise. And of course I gotta pay respect to keyworld because they’re legendary as well.

Here is a small showcase of jetskiii’s discography as a producer.

Who are some people you want to collaborate with in the future?

As far as rappers go I really want to work with david shawty, lil wintr, maya ricci, kevin kazi, and koi right now. Producers i’d like to work with that i haven’t yet are based tj, senseiATL, anyone in surfgang, distance decay, cryjng, mixed matches, and so many others it would be hard for me to name them all.

Who is your favorite artist you’ve done work with? Also we song are you the most proud of that you made?

That’s a hard question cause honestly I really like everyone I work with’s music, but to name a few, rip eternal, nappy 01, 2kthagoon, sol jay, steele 11, messiuh, and stacy money are some of my favorites outside of radiation. The song i’m most proud of is probably Astronauts by rip eternal and sub9k because i’ve been listening to rip for a long time and it was awesome to finally get a chance to work with him. Also really excited about my song with him coming on my tape that will be released later this year.

Do you have anything crazy coming out soon?

Pretty much the last few months have been dedicated to my tape, which I will be officially announcing pretty soon. I’m just waiting on a few more songs to get back but i’m excited about how it’s turning out. Also might drop a beat tape with hoodwtch in the near future. Aside from that I have some unreleased songs with a few of the other artists mentioned that will be releasing as the year goes on. As soon as I’m done with my tape I want to work with as many new artists as I can.

Do you have any advice for people that are just starting to make beats?

Yes, to everyone just starting to produce, nobody warns you going in but it changes how you will listen to music forever so be ready for that. Also don’t start sending beats out for placements until you actually know what you’re doing. Don’t compare yourself to other producers, focus on your own personal growth. Also I don’t know who needs to hear this but take the limiter off the master and tune your 808s!!!! Also mixing can make or break a beat so at least learn the basics of mixing so that your beats are usable. I could basically write a book based off of my mistakes when I was first starting out so if anyone needs advice or has any questions feel free to dm me.

Do you want to give shoutouts to anyone?

Shoutout to my parents for encouraging what i do, radiation of course, and all my friends and people who have shown support along the way. Also big shoutout to uvc for everything you guys do for the underground.