The sleepy, sultry voiced Nion has recently dropped a track entitled “PLACES“, that is more than merely a song. The self produced track acts as this 2 minute score to what seems to be something lifted straight from a runway, a vibrant neon lit club, or just the essence of whatever sort of excitable nirvana this bouncy, high tempoed beat elicits. More in the vein of dance, featuring a more levity-dense, traditional synth pattern, the track begins with these jittery and retro synths that are then juxtaposed by the heavy handed, breath-y baritone voice of Nion.

He leads into the verse with the catchy lines fitting for that of a upbeat, dance inspired track.

On my lonely (lonely) move slowly (slowly)

Nion balances out the very energetic and happy go lucky instrumentals with rather timid and reflective lyrics that present themselves in both the verse and bridge of the track.

I’ve been waiting for more than a long a time, to you it’s been a lifetime… schemin schemin they’ll kill you for no reason over a couple things… We’re dreamin hoping to find reason what could it be the meaning of… You thought more of us it feels like bad luck I feel like bad luck… Happy what I got we’re going places now… Foreign to the touch… you know you mess me up.

The track harnesses both the power of long romance and self aggrandizing all masked in a bouncy, infectiously addicting track. The contrast of this piece is incredibly compelling given that all the while bobbing your head, Nion deceptively boasts on with introspection and dreamy, enigmatic quips to round out the listening experience, Run it up.