Florida native, rapper and producer recently dropped a heart string tugging, romantically charged track “Hold Me”. The baritone voice artist digresses from the typical auto tuned aided rapping and sings atop a rather folks-y acoustic led beat abetted by steady snare drums and a robust 808 pattern. The instrumentals alone evoke what I can describe as a cabin amidst fall seasoned vegetation, complete with slow drifting leaves. Lyrically, Berler has a knack for utilizing simple storytelling and open vulnerability;

This is not what it’s supposed to be…I just really miss you holding me… When you’re gone I’m lonely…You were acting different this week, saw you posted up on your story, but you always ignore me… I won’t let you forget me… I guess good things just don’t ever last.

Berler’s repetitive “This is not what it’ supposed to be” hook is both catchy and repetitive, and pair that with that fact that it’s spouted from the deep, poetic voice of Berler, it’s a really interesting, lulling element of the song. The sheer frequency at which that opening line is repeated really just drives home the overall thematic loss and yearning for someone.

This ballad is the right amount of feeling, emotion, and musical capability that entrances you and reverts you to somewhere blue and vulnerable. This song can really hit home for a myriad of reasons, romantic or not, and that’s a powerful tool.