808LOUIE – “My Beautiful Death II”

Fresh off a string of production credits for artists including Playboi Carti, 2SEAT, and Sonny Digital, Atlanta-based artist 808LOUIE puts his own spin on melodic, bass-drenched music in his new project “My Beautiful Death II.”

808LOUIE exudes a cool, calm, and collected charisma with his vocals, finding his pocket within hard-hitting 808 patterns and rattling off a string of catchy flows. The production varies from ethereal keyboard melodies to soulful samples. At the same time, 808LOUIE manages to bring all of these different sounds together into a single, cohesive work of art. Not too high-energy as to be obnoxious, yet not too low-energy as to be boring, “My Beautiful Death II” is perfect to play not only at your next function or party, but also just for easy listening in your room. Expressing a sense of genuine confidence, without a need to try too hard to prove it, LOUIE is well-versed in his skills and seems to know it well. The quality of his latest release speaks for itself.