Tracstar is a Virginia native with an insane production sound and his music speaks for itself. He sat down with UVC in his first ever exclusive interview to discuss his journey so far.

So first things first where are you from and how old are you?

I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Newport News, Virginia.

I’m not familiar with Virginia, what’s it been like growing up there? Tell me about your experiences.

Virginia is pretty lame, nothing much to do here really. We have one big city called Virginia Beach, which is like the wave. There’s more stuff to do out there than where I live, but then again it’s lame af and still not shit to do besides walk on a boardwalk and enjoy the nice view of a beach. I grew up living in the suburbs as a young child and ended up living in the not so suburbs. I went to a pretty hood high school with a lot of drama and some murders and drugs and shit, but nothing really too bad happened. Sometimes it can be scary where I live but it’s not too bad honestly.

Virginia Beach always looked so dope, but living there I’m sure you got used to the same scene after a while. Who were some early musical influences for you? Who did you listen to growing up?

One of my influences would definitely be Daft Punk. I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I grew up listening to a lot of edm, old head rap music, and a lot of rock. I mostly listened to a lot of System of a Down, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, 50 cent, Eminem, Ying Yang Twins, Skrillex, Excision, Headhunterz, Lil Wayne , and fucking Ice Cube.

You can tell you created your sound through them with some dope edm elements and most definitely huge shoutout daft punk. So when did you first start making music? How did you first get into creating?

I started making music a few months ago. I used to actually beat box when I was like 15 or 16, so I guess that’s where my love for making beats came from. I listen to a lot of Bladee and I always loved the beats, so I thought maybe I could try and make some. A month passed from my idea of trying and I never really tried at the point I was at until I got a follow request on my personal Instagram from a dude named brianoconn0r (aka Redpreist). I saw he had a RuneScape avatar so I dmed him and we talked about RuneScape and he mentioned that he made beats. He showed me some of his beats and I told him I’m going to try and now here we are real good friends and frequent collaborators. Big shout out to Redpriest for real if it wasn’t for him I would’ve never tried to make beats.

Wow that’s absolutely insane you’ve only been making music for a few months and made the progress you have. Definitely huge shoutout Redpriest cause that’s some real moves by him. What’s your music process like for making beats? How long does it particularly take you to make a beat and what’s your mindset?

I actually have no idea about music theory at all and just draw chords into the piano roll and if it sounds cool I’ll use it. I usually try and go for an ambient or dreamy sound, or if I’m feeling down I’ll sample a guitar. It takes me like maybe 30 minutes to an hour to make a beat. My mindset for making beats is to always try to make something for fun and not for money. I don’t care about money that much from making beats, I’m more into creating art you know? That’s why my Traktrain isn’t loaded with beats.

That’s what I like to hear and honestly as a producer myself that’s so rare to hear so keep up that mindset cause it works for you. So moving specifically into your sounds what’s your favorite song you’ve released or been apart of so far?

My favorite song I’ve ever produced is At the store with lil yu. Lil yu is my favorite artist to work with so that song means a lot to me.

He’s such a talented artist and that song is an absolute banger. What are some of your plans for the spring and the rest of 2019?

I’m going to New York in April to meet up with Lil Yu for the first time and make some music with him. I plan to keep making bangers all 2019. Got a lot of songs to drop soon and an EP with Safe Sin and Icy Black mostly produced by me so be on the lookout for that when it drops. Might throw together a little Tracstar EP. I have the art for it, just still debating if I want to make that move. I feel like it’d be best to wait a little longer for an EP.

That’s definitely gonna be exciting and when you and Lil Yu link that will be legendary for sure. We’ll definitely be on the lookout. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

Some artists I would want to work with would be Kirblagoop, Lil Flash, Black Kray, Kane Grocerys, Jvcki Wai, Lil Tracy, and rewindraps.

That’s a fire list for sure and I can definitely see it happening. What are your top 5 necessities when you make music? Things you can’t make beats without. It can be anything.

I have to have RuneScape running in the background while my character woodcuts, I have to have my Suorin on me, and I have to have my headphones on. I don’t like making beats with another person in my room unless they’re contributing, but I’ve never made music with someone in person so I imagine it would be fun if they’re contributing. Like if I have a friend come over and they’re in my room playing video games or on their phone, I’d rather just not make beats. It distracts me while they sit there and talk to me about random shit. I also have to have a mouse cause I hate using the laptop mouse pad to make beats.

Everyone definitely has their own ticks and I’m pretty similar to that setup as well and definitely need a mouse, the laptop mouse pad is horrid. My next question for you is what would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

That’s a good question, I’d probably get my Mom to retire and I’d go to Panama and give each member of my family out there a couple racks. I’d get my brother and sister to retire and make sure my nieces and nephews got college money put away for em, then I’d go to Japan and buy a Toyota Supra 2JZ and boost it and just live my life there. And if I got a girl, marry her and get her pregnant asap.

Definitely goals, I like that answer a lot. You always gotta give back to who was always there for you. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going when you aren’t creating? What keeps you sane outside of music?

Honestly nothing keeps me sane anymore. Music is the only thing that keeps me sane when I feel my life is going downhill. It’s my only outlet. My name Tracstar comes from how I feel about life and music. Without making music, I don’t know how I would be feeling.

I know a lot of others can relate to that including myself, and constantly creating is the best healthy outlet for sure. My last question for you is who are your top 5 artists of all time?

My top favorite artists of all time would be Tujiko Noriko, Bladee, Yung Lean, Thaiboy Digitial, and Celia Cruz.

Lots of GOATS on there that’s a fact, and some of my favorites as well. Before we sign off do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts? The floor is yours king.

Just want to say thank you anyone that fw me. For real, it means a lot to me. My motivation for anyone is don’t be afraid to try out a new sound, and always try to learn something new everyday, whether it’s in music or in real life. But shout out Lil Yu, Rellescenic, Redpriest, Icy Black, Flavordash, Seph HD, Capoxxo, Yung Shame, Koi, and last but not least Pvscale and if I forgot anyone I’m close with sorry lol. Oh and shoutout @c6ssi for making my tag.

Amazing words my friend and huge, huge shoutout the squad for sure. Everyone keep holding each other down. Thank you for taking your time out for this and UVC is gonna be on the lookout for new Tracstar sounds most definitely.

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