From the NEILAWORLD collective comes Glasear/John. Just at the young age of 16 he has cemented himself as a bright and outgoing producer with lots of passion for his craft. In this UVC interview we get see a little more into his work and more.

First for the people that don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Glasear, most people call me a John I’m 16, a Neilaworld producer.

How long have you been making music?

About like a year and a half around that I started like October 2017 or something.

What made you want to start making music?

Honestly I was bored because I moved from Charlotte to Atlanta and had nothing to do and my bro Chino Dios forced me to download FL and work with him and since I had nothing to do and no friends I said fuck it and did it. When I first started making beats I wanted to make lofi badly but I couldn’t figured it out and I switched to trap and I wanted to make GBC/Sadboys/Drain Gang type beats.

What made you want to make lofi over other genres of music?

I really don’t know I think I just really enjoyed the aesthetic from it I guess.

Alright from here I want to ask about your name. It really stands out when I see Prod. Glasear at the end of a track. Where did the name Glasear come from and what made you choose it?

My name used to be actually be asianorchinese but it was stupid as fuck and I got a big placement with it a month or two ago and it was a collab with another producer and the artist hit up the producer and he was like yo “what the fuck is an asianorchinese” and that pushed me to want to change my name so I can take producing to a more serious professional direction (if that makes sense) and before that I hated my name (asianorchinese) and I desperately wanted to change it and I was embarrassed of it. But anyways when I was trying to change my name I texted Steele 11 and he started throwing out random words and he said Glasear and it really clicked with me so I decided to keep it.

That’s a really interesting story! So what made you want to become a producer over a rapper?

I didn’t even know what engineering was when I started and i didn’t have the confidence to be a rapper at the time so I just became a producer.

Do you think you’ll ever build up the confidence to do some songs?

Hell yeah, of course I wanna be a vocalist eventually I think I’m gonna start seriously trying when I move out so I’m not with my parents.

Before we go further here is a small look at Glasear’s production.

Now let’s do a little dive into your music.

What is your overall goal with music?

My overall goals is to be able to create any sort of music however and I want and be able to combine artists of different genres and such and create music that I would like, and also to be able to make a living off of it.

Who are some of your favorite artists you’ve worked with?

Uhh probably either Savage Gasp,Tommy Ice, David Shawty, Mixed Marches, Kevin Kazi, Belis or maybe even Father (idk if I have any tracks with him otw tho) but I enjoyed meeting him and working with him.

Who are some dream artists you’ve always wanted to do work with?

Hayley Williams, Charli XCX, Hiroyuki Sawano(He’s a composer), Gerard Way, Lil Peep(RIP), And Kanye. Let me go into detail for them.

Hayley Williams – She has an amazing voice and I would love to be able to produce for her and I listen to Paramore really heavily.

Lil Peep – He’s been a very big inspiration towards my production and I feel like his music was very creative and inventive and I really enjoyed listening to it.

Charli XCX – She has an amazing voice and she makes ridiculously catchy music that I wanna dance to I would love to producer a pop hit for her.

Hiroyuki Sawano – He’s like this Japanese composer/producer and I sample him a lot he makes very beautiful/intense music and he’s been very influential on my sound.

Gerard Way – I’ve been listening to him and My Chemical Romance since I was a kid and he seems to be a very creative and interesting person that I would love to create something fresh with.

Bladee – His music is extremely different and his vocal melodies are extremely unique and I feel like if I worked with him I would be able to create something insane.

Julian Casablancas – He’s extremely creative and talented and his solo projects and projects with The Voidz and The Strokes are amazing being able to create some form of music with him would be a dream come true.

Kanye – his work ethic and production is very inspirational to me and I would like to be at this level of being able to create with music.

You’re in NEILAWORLD one of the bigger and more well known collectives in the underground. What’s it like being in it? Also what’s your favorite part of being in it?

Being in Neilaworld is really surreal to me because I followed them since I before even produced and I’ve listened to songs that a lot of our members produced before and the best part about being in Neilaworld is that we’re like a big happy hardworking family and I genuinely enjoy all the relationships that I have with all of our artists and producers.

What are some artists and producers right now you think are unrated/unappreciated in the scene?

Suckerpunk, Kite (LilKiteShawty), Uknoxoxo (this mf is amazing bro holy shit), and Roland. For producers I’d say Guami, Liltreesap, nerfthesin, And JoshVersusWorld.

Alright, an off the wall question but, I looked at your instagram and and saw you had some videos of you skating on there! Do you still skateboard and what do you think of it?

I still skateboard a lot and it’s fun as fuck I made some great memories and friends with it and I even have the skate shop I rock with in my bio (@saturdaywarehouse) Also I busted my ankle from skating a few days ago so I been chilling in my house for the past couple of days cause of that lol.

You mentioned earlier that you were only 16, do people at your school know you are a producer? And if so do you get treated any differently cause of it?

Some of my friends do but since I’m new to my school I don’t really have a lot of friends or kids that know me but most locals follow my ig so they know I guess. A lot of the kids that I do tell I produce to in my class think I’m just like on some lame SoundCloud shit so they kinda clown me and write me off I guess but a lot of the other kids think what I do I is cool and fuck with me and respect me I guess.

Any shoutouts you want to give before we end the interview?

Shoutout Neilaworld shoutout Julia and Courtney (they’re my tag) and shoutout Lorouzivert and UVC for the interview!

Glasear plans on dropping his new debut tape ILUVUJOHN sometime soon and we are super excited for it. Glasear is still young but he has already showed himself as someone people look up to in the underground.