Pink Cig drops off a stylistically established single for his upcoming album, “Beautiful Strangers.”

Production and atmosphere-wise, “Loser 00” sounds like it fits perfectly among the discographies of other underground hit makers such as Lil Peep, but the catchy hook does have a twinge of personality unique to Pink Cig; it sounds like a fusion of his melodic influences topped with his own twist on what’s been popular these days. It’s difficult to put a finger on exactly, but to try to sum it up with one word, we would describe it as “cloudy.” This is not to be confused with the “cloud-rap” genre, but this latest Pink Cig track sounds like it came straight off of a dark pink cloud in the sunset when the sky is streaked with warm, rich colors that are fading away into black by the second. The production melody isn’t too forward and sits perfectly with the mellow vocals, while the baseline holds everything together. This relaxing yet interesting song would be good to play at a late night hangout with a few friends.

Stream the song below on SoundCloud.