Cloud rap. Vapor wave. Emo rap. Whatever you want to call it, GRXTESQUE is a newly created label that is here to promote the underground and bring attention to music you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Different from the usual promotional services such as song reviewers, influencers, and writers, Grxtesque provides a direct platform for these smaller artists to get paid through distribution and streaming royalties, even already having curated a steadily rising underground music playlist on Spotify. Grxtesque’s music taste has a wide range, and they have helped put a spotlight on all corners of the underground scene. What other music label has their eyes on Convolk, Shakewell, Yung Lean, and Ramirez all at the same time, while simultaneously finding and promoting a plethora of less-well-known, high-quality artists?

GRXTESQUE is for the underground, and they’re here to stay. Check them over at @grxtesque on Twitter,