From re-releasing all his old music back on SoundCloud, to dropping two EP’s, it’s safe to say he has a Sybyr a crazy year so far. Well he does it yet again, this time releasing another EP entitled Overthink, Overextend. This project is exclusively produced by the likes of Landfill. This project being filled with the grimy production that Landfill is known for had me filled with excitement. So let’s dive into this project head on and see what it’s all about.

Right from the get go, I want talk about Landfill’s production on this project. It’s a really enchanting listen for anyone that likes a dirty, goosebump-giving aesthetic. His production as a whole I think could be described as probably as cyberpunk, as it gives off a very futurist vibe to it. While that being said this project has more than just the cyberpunk elements I’m speaking of. There is a couple songs in this EP that has some Nostalgia to them. The song “No Attention” has early soundcloud like song quality to it. 2013 was when I started using soundcloud and the memories of all the songs filled with japanese google text translations and all capitalized song titles entered my mind once again. From the sound fading effects in the melody to the over the top drums, it’s a really good listen and brought me back to what made me love soundcloud in the first place. The next song that has some throwback like quality to it was “ What’s The Matter?”. The melody for this song is very reminiscent of something Scott Storch would do back in the day with the piano and violins being his main source of melodies. I think it’s super cool that we are able to adapt to a new sound and still have the older song qualities that made us fall in love with music still be there.

The first song I want to speak on is the first song on the project “overthinking, overextending”. The song starts out with the eerie like melody that puts you in a trance right from the get go. Soon after you are captured by some very brutal 808s that come and only add to the eerie vibe from before. This tops off when the drums and Sybyr himself comes in with the vocals. Everything on this tracks come on all at different times and makes for almost a minimalistic experience to it. Like you hear the melody then the drums then the vocals etc. Even if it wasn’t meant to be this way, I think it added a nice to touch to the project. Other than the production Sybyr killed it with the vocals. Adding to the eerie feeling I talked about with the production, the vocals only added to it. This song was a really nice intro the project.

“Cyber sound” was the next song that caught my attention. The beat for this song with very interesting. From the get go the melody sounds like something straight out of a video game. It reminded me of a boss fight from a game on the Sega Genesis. The drums and the vocals come in at the same time. Sybyr sounds like he is filled with rage in this track. Really adds to the whole “boss fight from a video game” vibe I was talking about earlier. The music for this really fits the title. It really did make me think of cyber sounds. Overall the song is a great listen and especially recommend it those who like some horrorcore type rap.

This album is something that is super special. Sybyr tests out a lot of different styles on this project and makes them all work. He shows tons of versatility and why he has made this far in the underground. This also wouldn’t have been possible without Landfill’s amazing production either. IF you have a chance to listen to this project I would 100% recommend you do. Check it out down below and tell us what you think of it.