It is with great adoration that I’ve looked to another piece by director and editor BabyFlex Films, who in conjunction with DP ViewVisual has dropped a new video. Mutliplexes’ “Head of State” is a energetic, seething track that has a very eerie, digital, sinister broadcast feel. The video is a perfect encapsulation of this sound, as Multiplexes takes center stage in between towering buildings and overpasses. The lyrics are belted out to the masses from seemingly vacant locations, and it only drives home this dystopian, aptly named “head of state” theme. The listener is gripped by their ears, and finally their eyes to be given a high octane, debilitating message.

Visually simple, as I mentioned the real action takes place in seemingly vacant locations while Multiplexes and his crew falling in the middle of these cityscapes, but it’s this well lit, subtly edited simplicity that only strengthens the overall aesthetic. There is no escape, and no distractions, just the artist and his sound. The aforementioned edits are sparsely used, but always captivating and entertaining as you see quick inserts of static TV signals or glitching VCR patterns. It’s not an uncommon element to see in underground videos, but for this track specifically it feels so right to see. It’s a dope, short track with a well made succinct video that’s just enough to consume and digest, run it up.