Coolaid Hippy is a distinct voice in the Philly rap scene with a futuristic, electronica-influenced beat selection. His latest track “NEGATIVE” is abrasive and so high-energy that it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

R1, the collective that Coolaid is a member of, has been consistently making waves in the Philadelphia underground. They’ve done collaborations with high-profile producers from Working On Dying, and they regularly throw crazy punk-rock-like shows around the area. The raw energy that Coolaid and producer Tethra64 bring to the table in “NEGATIVE” is fast-paced and keeps things interesting the whole way through, and it is sure to hold your attention the whole way through whether you’re at one of R1’s live performances or just headbanging to it in your room.

Tethra64 especially deserves props here as well, as he supplies production that almost sounds like theme music to a high-pressure racing video or an action scene in an anime about technologically advanced dystopian living. Think Ghost in the Shell, then turn the intensity up a couple notches. Not just anyone could do this non-conventional-sounding beat justice, and Coolaid appears to be the man for the job as his loud, distorted voice fits perfectly.

Stream the song below.