Rapper Blxckhxrt links up with producer Saveher for another unique collaboration between members of the 0d collective.

Not much is known about 0d, except the fact that they tend to keep collaborations within their group, and their members are multi-talented artists who are capable of, but not limited to singing, producing, and rapping well. The most prominent member of this mysterious collective has gone by many names, but is best known as 2Seat. While Saveher frequently provides the backdrop for 2Seat’s robotic vocals, he displays his versatility here by producing for Blxckhxrt, a different member of 0d with a much more dark and aggressive energy.

“Sequence” is artfully distorted—the entire song is given an extremely rough mixing job that adds to the aggressive energy that Blxckhxrt expresses, yet at the same time the lead melody of the beat and the vocals are all clearly audible while the bass knocks hard. Blxckhxrt comes straight in and raps as if he’s spitting his words out in disdain. As a result he effectively keeps the listener on edge without needing to scream. It sounds as if Blxckhxrt is a brooding, dangerous character who hasn’t shown his complete destructive power yet, but won’t hesitate to do so if the circumstances are right.

RIPDevan features on this track as well, and ends the short-but-sweet listening experience on a high-energy note, picking up immediately after Blxckhxrt’s verse. The two pair up well, as RIPDevan matches the atmosphere in the first half of the song and raises his voice higher, complementing Blxckhxrt’s lower vocal tones.

0D does not appear to be the biggest fan of self-promotion, preferring to stay silent and mysterious. However, as they keep releasing high quality work, they will continue to rise in the ranks of the underground without a doubt.

Stream the song below.