Mark Carson isn’t a name you see in every song coming out. He isn’t a rapper or a producer but an engineer. His signature tag is on a plethora of songs all over the underground. From his talented work with NEILAWORLD and the likes of Lil Turbo, 2kthagoon, and more, we will give you a closer look at one of underground’s hidden treasures in this UVC interview.

For the people that don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m mario debucci & I design sonics.

Alright sick, now they we have that out of the way, can you give me a little bit more info on what an engineer does and also how it’s done?

The engineer is the person in charge of making noises sound “good”.

What made you want to be an engineer instead of a producer, or a rapper?

Engineering came first actually because I was recording myself. turns out my songs wack & I wasn’t a good beat maker so I focused on engineering. BUT if I had to categorize myself I’d fall under a “traditional” producer. I don’t make beat loops but I do engage with the artist in the recording & mixing process. When I’m working with an artist I’m thinking “how can we make this better?” & then try to improve it every session.  I really enjoy the whole developmental process with artist.

Developing is always good and makes for an interesting watch for everyone. You always want to improve yourself in the underground or else it just feels stale. From your point of view, how important do you think it is to have an engineer? Do you feel it’s a necessity for everyone like an artist that is just starting or just someone who knows they want to pursue music?

Glad u asked this. My advice for artist would be record yourself & develop your voice before going to a real engineer. You’ll be disappointed if you think a good engineer can save you if you’re not-so-talented. On the other hand if you been mixing yourself & feel like your sound/style isn’t growing, then it’s time to get with a serious engineer.

Good advice for some new underground artists that will read this. I want to talk a little about your tag. It’s very noticeable in all the songs you’ve engineered, how did you come up with it and/or what are the origins of it?

Really just some carolina shit, just like yeYE!

Always good to go back to your roots and also there is lots of talent over there in the Carolinas’. I see all over your twitter that you host shows in South Carolina for the underground. How does it feel that you are able to give back to the community?

It’s pretty awesome, puttin together shows, & seeing the crowd response is really what it‘s all about.

Here is a small sample of mark’s work as an engineer.

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Let’s talk about some music. What are your inspirations for starting music?

I learned bass guitar as a kid & I think a lot of my music aspiration stemmed from that. I enjoy all genres but aside from hip-hop i fw 70’s funk, big band, soul, alt rock, & bluegrass.

Who are some of your favorite artists to work with in the scene?

Mr. 2kthagoon & Sir Lil Turbo.

Who do you see yourself working with in the future?

Jody Highroller, & Jaden Smith.

What is your all-time favorite song/album you’ve engineered?

Probably ‘Turbo Tax!’ w/ Lil Turbo. I think that’s when i realized i could really do this shit. But i’ve got a lot of great unreleased stuff in the vault. oh yea & some1 said a turbo tax 2 comin out in april? idk thats just what I heard.

Any crazy projects you’re working on right now?

I am a crazy project.

Before we wrap this up any shout outs you give out?

s/o every1 took time out to read this, thank U!

much love 4 the whole uvc team & lorouzivert!