KanyeToThe is a special place. An Internet forum thriving with discussion of music, fashion, culture, day-to-day living, and random miscellaneous topics, it has birthed all kinds of memorable and strange moments. It has also been a starting point for independent artists, such as Hella Sketchy and members of Brockhampton, to share their music and network with others.

The Creative Showcase section of KTT, where artists openly share their work, doesn’t give off the best first impression. Its clickbait titles and all kinds of offensive, confusing, or spam-like text can be hard to sort through, but if you look hard enough, there are still some diamonds in the rough. Here are a few of our favorites that we recently dug up.

DONAVON – “These Days”

“These Days” is a ballad with exceptional production and a great vocal performance from DONOVAN. He somehow manages to be both smooth, yet expressive at the same time, and it doesn’t just end there. DONOVAN’s latest video for the track brings us up-close with the artist and is filled to the brim with personality. Watch the visual below.

666chauncey – “PipeDown!”

666chauncey is gifted with a gruff, aggressive rapping voice that pairs perfectly with his beat selection. On “PipeDown!” his sharp voice pierces through to deliver a barrage of wild lyrics. Listen to “PipeDown!” below.

CORDOVAN GHOSTAL – “The Bicycle Day Programme”

“The Bicycle Day Programme” is a 15-minute instrumental adventure peppered with interesting samples and ripe with beautiful sounds. Perfect for listening during a lazy summer wake-and-bake session, fans of Flying Lotus, Madlib, and even Tyler the Creator will especially appreciate this work of art. Listen to “The Bicycle Day Programme” below.