Mixed Matches has been a staple of the underground for some time now. From releasing his own music, to helping smaller artists with beats, Mixed Matches has always been there. Now it’s his time in the spotlight for an extraordinary new EP entitled “I Don’t Know Where You Are.” This EP from start to finish is a joy to listen to. The production features a wide cast of collaborations with mixed matches ranging from FIFTYGRAND’S mystery collective REDMIRROR, as well as production from SESHCOMPOUND, Smitty The BG, Ginseng, Kellbender, and HELLION all do an amazing job with collab productions with the man of the hour. Now, let’s go dive into this EP.

The project starts off with an angelic but intimidating song titled “Hours.” This track features a collab production from Smitty The BG. It starts off with a very soft but distinct pulsating melody that immediately catches the ear. The melody then grows louder and gives even more pulsation to the listeners’ ears just as Mixed Matches comes in. The vocals, like those of an angel from above, give us a feeling of relaxation and comfort. From there the drums come in. The hi-hat being louder than the rest of the drums makes for a clicky feel that goes well with the melody. Around the halfway mark of the song, something happens. The feeling of it changes completely. It changes to an ambient-like melody and the hi-hats open up and give a more airy quality to them. This works perfectly with the melody matching the ambient sound. His vocals still follow the angelic state like before however, making you reminisce in the 1:30 duration of the song prior. Everything on this new melody still feels right in place. While it is a little bit heavier than before it’s an easy listen on the ears. The song continues till it comes to a dead stop which makes for almost a perfect transition into his next song “Faith.”

“Faith” picks up where “Hours” left off. That ambient feel from before turns a little bit more psychedelic then before. The reverb-like sound makes for an enchanting listen. It feels almost like a body high during the first listen. His vocals are unmatched in the way he does them. Soft yet abrasive in the ear, they aren’t something many artists can do. The melody and drums in this track sounds almost if they are joined together to create one coherent sound. While some songs on this album have two seperate lines that work together, such as “Repeat” and “Sober,” this just flows so nicely to the point it being just one fluid piece. Mixed matches continues to not only amaze me on the vocal level but also on the instrumental level. Everything this man makes is always an outstanding piece of work that never disappoints.

The next song I wanna talk about is actually “Sober.” This song is so different from the rest. I think this is due to the fact it’s a collaboration between Kellbender and Mixed Matches. Due to the aesthetic choices I got to say I’m pretty sure that the drums are by Kellbender and the melody is by mixed matches. However, the instrumental in this is unlike anything else on this project. The song starts out with the melody; with a very soft piano-like instrument. From there the vocals and the drums kick in at the same time. The drums are especially noticeable due to the very brashful hi-hat that kicks in. The kick as well as Mixed Matches’s vocals are also unlike anything else on this. While his range on the previous songs are very selective, he goes above it when he says,

When will you know.

Honestly, hearing his voice peak like this was very delightful. I wasn’t expecting it at first, then it hit and it had this crazy wow factor to it. Mixed matches just kept blowing away my expectations with this EP.

From start to finish, this project had a very defined aesthetic that fit together so well. While the transitions aren’t necessarily fluid on the surface, the way of his songwriting makes it seem that way. If you were to put “Hours” and “Faith” together in a playlist, I wouldn’t be able to tell when one ended and when one began. That being said, Mixed Matches is without a doubt an amazing artist. He has blown away every expectation I had for this project. He has made a piece that should be praised by many. It’s not often that an underground artist transcends the line of music for common listeners along with the hardcore underground crowd. We 100% recommend checking out this masterpiece of a project. Check it out down below and tell us what you think of it.