New York’s rising sensation Nick Prosper sat down with UVC to discuss what’s on the table for 2019 and much more.

So first things first how old are you and where are you from?

I was born n raised in Brooklyn NY im living on Staten Island right now.

What’s it been like for you growing up there?

I feel like it was blessing to be born here, you never really gotta worry about trying to fit in in a place where everyone’s different, I travel a lot and meet so many different people but always catch myself missing home, I can’t sit still so NY really suits me, it really be like Gotham city at night.

Yeah I’ve definitely heard NY has some vibes for sure, I’m not far outside of Boston and that’s like a Mini NYC. Who were some early musical influences for you growing up? Who did you listen to a lot early on?

I fuck wit Boston, they got a dope hardcore scene out there! I grew up on a lot of different stuff, I loved early NY rap shit like dipset, big L, 50, but always bumped a lot of different bands, I learned guitar  and used to be a vocalist in a deathcore band before I went Solo!

That’s definitely dope and I kinda had that feeling you had a background in music early on before your solo career. When did you first start making music and getting involved in the band scene?

I was real young when I was going to shows, the energy there is what really influenced me to want to be a artist, it was loud, fast and violent, and i instantly fell in love! I wanted to make music that kids could relate to, and let their emotions out so I started a band, we did real well out here toured a bit but it was a struggle to maintain, so while we were touring I learned how to make beats and then when we broke up I started rapping again but this time serious not just as a kid freestyling wit his friends.

That’s definitely a great way to break in, at what point did you decide to take music and yourself seriously? Was it long after the breakup?

The whole first year after the break up I jus made beats and my recorded my first song depressed flex that was 2015 but I didn’t really know what to do next, so I flew FXRBES in from Florida and we shot a vid for my song pull up and it dropped 2016 and that’s pretty much when I knew that I could make a name for myself if I keep working hard, I haven’t stopped since!

Yeah that was for sure a power move for you and I think at the time of this interview it’s pushing half a million views with I Got sitting at million plus. What’s your favorite song you’ve created or been apart of so far?

This is a hard one for me, I kinda don’t have a favorite,  every time I drop something I move on so quick cause I’m super hyped for something that’s unreleased, I don’t even be writing shit either, everything I make is raw and on the spot.

Definitely feel you on that, that’s such a interesting fact which actually brings me to my next question for you is how long does it take you to fully create a song? What’s your process like?

Depends really, if I don’t feel the beat in the first like 10 seconds it’s a dub for me, and if I can’t come up wit a cadence or idea for it right away I jus scratch the whole thing and move on! But usually I finish a song within an hour, I try to go off that first spark each time so I don’t lose momentum.

That creative workflow is absolutely essential. What are your top 5 things you need in the studio with you or when you’re recording? It can be anything.

I try to go in there as vulnerable as possible, even if it’s a studio I’m not familiar wit jus so I have no limits on what I make! But if there’s liquor there that’s a plus and makes that easier for my anxiety.

Yeah definitely gotta keep the anxiety down I’m for sure the same way. You’ve got an expansive library that’s only getting better, who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

I appreciate that! I’d love to make music Rick Rubin one day or Pharrell, I fuck wit Coldplay  heavy that’d be a interesting collab haha.

Amazing names and anyone of them could be so fire especially coldplay lol. What are some of your overall goals in music? What do you wanna accomplish the most?

I jus wanna keep growing and inspiring kids to be themselves, maybe rock & roll hall of fame ion even know, i jus wanna go out as a great.

Reach for the stars my friend I think that’s a great ambition. Your visual catalogue is insane and you have a great visuals behind your songs, which makes me ask are you comfortable around the camera at this point? or do you still get nervous when filming.

Thanks g! I used to get wild nervous taking pics and doing vids, now I jus don’t even care, I woke up one morning and said to myself “wtf am I hiding from?”

I kinda figured because it makes your visuals much more natural and I know a lot of people can get something from that. One of my last questions for you is, being an established artist in the scene what are some things you like and dislike about the underground?

I love the fact that there’s people here that really care about music. There’s a lot of fuck shit that goes on and some artists think it’s a popularity contest, but whatever, real ones know what’s up, we all struggling at the end of the day!

For sure I couldn’t agree with you more on that. What are some of your plans for the rest of the winter and 2019?

Ima jus keep letting these emotions out one song at a time and drop a lot of content.

We’re all most definitely gonna
be looking forward to it, 2019 is gonna be an exciting year for you. What would be the first thing you did if you got filthy rich?

I’d take care of my moms and pops, and get more in tune wit helping animals in need, and open up some boxing gyms for the youth, I’m not really materialistic but I’d def build the craziest studio to record at.

I love hearing that people wanna give back that’s always something that motivates people to do the same myself included. Music aside for a moment when you aren’t being creative and working, what keeps you occupied? What keeps you going if you aren’t working on music?

When I’m not working on music I’m usually sitting around smoking thinking of my next goal, eating vegan tryna stay healthy, or finally giving myself down time cause I’m usually always tryn make a move.

Always gotta stay working I know a lot of others can relate to that as well. My last question for you is who are your top 5 personal artists of all time?

I listen to so much shit so this is another hard one but off the top of my head in no order Coldplay, killa cam, deftones, big L & nick prosper.

Definitely a powerful list and you always gotta put Nick Prosper on there dude kills it. On a real note Killa Cam is another legend for sure though I used to like him a lot growing up. Before we sign off do you have any shout outs or words of motivation?

Hahaha fact!! Ay only thing ima say is don’t ever switch up on yourself, if you want something go get it, fuck all the doubters! And keep a look out ima drop so much music this year.

We’re definitely gonna keep our eyes peeled that’s a fact and I’m sure everyone is extremely excited. Thank you for taking your time our for this and definitely a huge shoutout to yourself.

Much love g I appreciate the support fr fr.

You can stream Nick Prosper’s most recent release “Money Past Due” below.