Social media is a whole ass bitch, some people really be grinding on platforms- hitting DM’s, running promo, running 40 accounts at a time, etc., me I get dumb overwhelmed staring at things for a prolonged period of time, but I’d be lying if I say it’s not a godsend when it comes to interacting with artists in hopes of gaining an ounce of valuable insight into them as both individuals and creators. So that’s what I got a chance to do, albeit in a completely surface level way. I’ve heard the name of this artist first from a mutual friend, not ever really looking more deeply into him. It wasn’t until I actually started immersing myself in the emerging artist homegrown in the desert that I, by total coincidence, stumbled upon him again. Malick Mcfly is a spry workhorse, with the Phoenix rapper’s SoundCloud boasting an extensive body of work consisting of both EP’s, loosies, and a myriad of production credits.

So as curiosity would have it, I simply asked Malick “What’s his favorite track he’s dropped so far?” as a baseline to really start listening. Some time goes by and he responds on his story, hitting the viewers with 3 track names to answer the initial inquiry. “Slumdogg Trillionaire”, “Mind Over Matter”, and “Mecca” are the golden trio. These three tracks have common elements, and aside from the lyrical artillery that is cached in each song courtesy of Malick, there is crafty, subdued, celestial laden instrumentals that ride your brainwaves while Malick pilots the ship.

Examining the first mentioned song, “Mind Over Matter”, off rip the gripping tenet of this quick 2 minute track is the “Chrono Cross” symphonic sample that spearheads the backing instrumentals. It’s worth noting that not only can Malick Mcfly rap, but produces a large amount of his own tracks, supplying his artistic hand in two fashions, with his fitting signature “Malick Mcfly fucking your bitch in outer space.” “Mind Over Matter” utilizes this slower tempoed, rather minimalistic beat to convey this dark, scathing tone that reinforces the begged to be heard, hard hitting vocals of the first verse. Moving past the orchestral sample, the 808s are dense and
heavy, backing the catchy hook.

It’s a simple, repetitive delivery, but it’s functional in its way that it has you let your guard down as the punchy verse subsequently follows, the cadence identifiably more complex and rhyme scheme more dense. Notable lines like “shyt im still a no name with a known name, lost in a
future where there’s no fate, no faith that’s given to the youth, so pardon me in harmony if I give em the truth” really call attention to the titular theme of “mind over matter” highlighting the internal struggles of Malick that rapping remedies. Spit upon low pass, glitchy sound effects, these group of lines seemingly act as a climactic moment to the track both tonally and sonically, as this is one of the final few bars spit prior to the hook again.

“Slumdogg Trillionaire Freestyle” is next up on the list. This one, while still featuring a prominent astral-y experimental, cloud beat, all self produced, the vocal tempo on this track is rather quicker and much more aggressive than the latter track. The opening bars are provocative and entertaining off the bat with Malick exulting “Motherfuck xanned out, nigga I am zenned out, probably the best out, something like Fabio because I’m rolling with my chest out”. These compelling, tongue in cheek bars are only more boasted about in the duration of the track as Malick goes off top making references to shogun’s, Achilles, Goku, as well as Outkast, Kanye, and Rakim. The lines don’t stop short of clever name drops either, but also sly lines like “…already know that I be spitting fire and that mother- motherfuckin brimstone… already know that I’m thinking bout that thousand, matter of fact millions, matter of fact trillions” and “I don’t really give a fuck because you know that I’m ballin, something like Spalding, I don’t really give a
fuck because you know that I just go fucking hard g, cuz I’m something like a deity…”. Malick’s braggadocio is self aware and strong all across the track, painting himself as larger than life as he delivers effortlessly on the freestyle, ending explicitly with “I snapped on that”.

The final track is one that is most recently released, a veritable hit featuring production by Miami veteran Lofty305 of Metro Zu, “Mecca” is a cerebral ethereal piece of work. Lofty305 introduces the track with what can be surmised as synth horns, sounding like electric currents while sci-fi keyboard notes and Malick’s gruff voice begin to take stage. The track thematically harnesses pseudo introspection and confidence to convey this attitude of growth and strength. There are a plethora of lines across the track that capture the attention and emotion of the listener; “…some days I feel like I’m fuckin keeping still… and they try to conceal me… can you
just feel me, It’s me M-a-l-i-c don’t forget the K better get it straight I’m the dragon spitting flames” “It’s young Malick McFly, Imma turn into a god and, if I fly away just catch me in the garden… I’m coming through the tragedy and honestly my nigga this just is a fucking masterpiece”. As the track progress so too does the tone, with the delivery smooth and fluid in the beginning as Malick spits bars about his wariness, while the delivery begins to slow and staggers in a way later on in the song, utilizing more pauses in between lines about coming out on top. It’s an interesting corollary between the progression of the vocal delivery and the metaphorical transition of Malick within the track, the confidence of the lines juxtaposed with the
less aggressive flow.

It’s easy enough to see why Malick picked these as his favorites. They’re all similar but very distinct drops with varying themes and energies present in each. These handful of songs are a stunning intro toward listening to the bulk of Malick’s work, and seemingly act as your first bump into something more addicting. Both production value and lyrical prowess are captivating
enough in only 3 songs to lure the listener into visiting and bingeing the rest. I encourage it. Check these out.