Dropping recently as of March 11th, Portland’s hard hitting, boundary pushing jack of all trades King Yosef teams up with the vocally lethal equipped Mana to produce a boisterous, grimy track with “Deific”. It was through Mana that I first discovered King Yosef, and this track is
just yet another installation of what proves to be a never fatiguing, scathing and gnashing collaboration that balances so intricately between the industrial and frenetic production courtesy of Yosef himself, as well as his hardcore inspired vocals, complimenting the more traditional yet
sonically unique sound of Mana’s quick tempo aggressive rapping.

The intro of this track is a gallant, slow lingering, seemingly mechanical vibrating string note (I am not equipped to concisely describe the unique and titillating sounds that Yosef produces, I’m not sorry listen to it and immerse yourself in the beauty of it), proceeded by the deceptive, softly delivered lines consisting of the memorable “you don’t understand(no)…x8”. After the opening lines then comes in the larger than life, clamorous bars courtesy of Mana jumping straight into grand exultation; “The ground that I walk on is undeserving nothing about this world is worthy, the way
you choose to be is all i need to be this certain”. Mana’s verse sets a clear tone for what will follow in the rest of the track, completely reinforced by the crisp bold growls of King Yosef further on.

Yosef’s vocals atop the aforementioned wavering mechanical strings + the now strong bass pattern, are brazen and punctuate the 0 tolerance for BS attitude present in both artist’s verses. The strong growls then lead into subdued, yet gruff proclamations; “it feels like… I’m hitting the floor”. The track as whole articulates the title clearly, both Yosef and Mana are gods of their own realms as they converge into creating something as powerful as “Deific” . Run it up.