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Pvscale is a multi talented artist with a lot to stand for and is a Seattle native you need to get familiar with as he sits down for this UVC exclusive.

First things first, how old are you and where are you from?

i’m 18 years old and i’m from Seattle WA. i was born on the same day as Capoxxo, fun fact.

Holy shit, definitely a fun fact, I had no idea about that. What’s Seattle been like for you? What’s it like growing up there?

Well i’m very glad to live in a fairly major city because there’s lots to experience and so many people. I love seattle because there is so many trees and vegetation everywhere, it’s very green. I love washington because it has beautiful natural areas but also a large urban area as well. Im very glad weed is legal here and that my city is more “progressive”. Everyone is very accepting of one another here. Growing up was pretty normal, like how it would be in most places i think. I went to public school my whole life and i live in a nice residential neighborhood. i’ve had a pretty good childhood, nothing to complain about really.

Seattle really is ahead of most areas for sure. Every time I speak to someone about Seattle/Washington it’s always all love. That’s so good you had some decent early years. Who were some early musical influences for you? Who did you listen to growing up?

Growing up I loved Jimi Hendrix, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Capitol STEEZ, Pink Floyd, Childish Gambino, and lots of edm producers and Mac Miller, Joey Bad$$. The biggest influences on my music were probably Speakerknockerz, Queen, Prince, Lil Uzi and The Eagles.

That’s such a dope variety you didn’t stay boxed in whatsoever. Now at what point did you decide to start creating your own music?

In 6th grade i started trying to make my own dubstep, that was when Skrillex had just blown up, but my music was pretty bad at the time. Around 7th or 8th grade, i started making trap edm beats and Lex Luger/Rick Ross type beats, and then my style evolved as rap evolved. I didn’t start rapping until freshman year. Around sophomore and junior year I was very influenced by Charlie Shuffler, Marvin Cruz, Lil Soda Boi and Lil Peep, and then i found out about Bladee after i graduated high school and he’s been the most recent influence on my music i would say.

Definitely can see their influences on you for sure and Bladee has been absolutely killing it lately. I remember finding him around highschool times as well. So these days, how long does it take you to make a song?

Usually about an hour to make the beat and the vocals together, sometimes up to three hours if i lose track of time, but i can make a beat in 5-10 mins if i set a timer and i can write vocals in about 10-20 mins if i’m trying but i can come up with the chorus instantly the second i hear a beat. Choruses are my favorite.

Your choruses go absolutely crazy and I had a feeling you worked fast. All of hinoni drops music like crazy. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or been apart of so far?

That’s really tough to answer, i love “Take a Bullet for Me” off the Hinoni tape, but i also love the old stuff me and Capo did like “Finesse” and “Backseat.” They are so nostalgic for me now and somehow still get better each time i listen.

Oh no doubt I couldn’t agree more. That goes for the majority of your music is the replay ability factor, they definitely get better every time. What are your plans for the winter and 2019?

I really wanna become financially independent by selling beats, that would be my main goal right now and my main stressor, being 18 and all, but definitely Hinoni will keep making lots of music and i will keep dropping solo songs and songs with Koi and the rest of the gang. Also I wanna make more music with Soda and more of my idols. I have a couple songs with Soda i’ve been waiting to drop that im excited for.

Solid for sure also definitely shoutout Soda Boi, he’s been killing it lately also. Now the Hinoni story has been told a few times but what role did you play in all guys coming together and actually creating such a solid group?

Hmm well Capo and i have been friends since like kindergarten and we’ve been making beats since middle school and rapping together since freshman year. We made our first song together when i got my first mic. I went to middle school with Lil Soda Boi but he wasn’t called that at the time and he mostly only made beats. I didn’t meet Soda again after middle school until one fateful night. I think this was the night that Hinoni really came together for the first time. The days kind of a blur but somehow it was like the whole seattle soundcloud scene ended up in my basement; Shame, Asa, Koi, Capo, Soda, and my friend Andrew were all there. This was my first time meeting Shame and Asa and my first time talking to Soda again since middle school. Capo was friends with Shame and Asa before I met them tho. We didn’t make much music that night but that was the first time all the Hinoni members congregated and the vibe was kinda crazy and even tho we didn’t make much music, I think we all knew it was the start of something great.

I think that story is so dope and everyone really can get something from that. I love how you guys stuck together as well and just keep pushing everything. Hinoni aside, who are some artists you would like to work with in the future? Big or small.

Oh man, i would LOVE to work with The Weeknd, Tame Impala, Future, Young Thug, Uzi, Coldhart, all Drain Gang and Sadboys members of course, Smrtdeath, and Gab3. I also wanna work more with just Yung Shame, Asa Spades, Sadbenji, Ultraviolet, Gesaffelstein, Zhu and Soda. I haven’t done any songs with Yung Shame either I think.

I could see you working with all of them for sure, all those collab’s would be insane. That’s actually another fun fact though I think you’re right I don’t think you two have a song together with only you two. Now, being in the scene for a decent amount of time with Hinoni and others, what are some things you like and dislike about the underground?

I love the experimentation, i love how almost everyone is doing something new, like Lil Soda Boi’s ‘wavy cloud R&B’ type style, that’s the best i can describe it, or how Coldhart’s style is like pop trap punk lovesongs, like everyone has such a unique style many can’t even be put into existing genres really, and I think that’s dope. People in the mainstream do too much of what’s already been done and it’s the underground where the new styles usually emerge from. What i dislike is rappers who can’t tell if their autotune is in the right key, cuz there seems to be some of those, and i dislike how hard it is to stand out these days because so many people want to make music it’s like everyone is trying to do it. Also this isn’t specific to the underground but i dislike how largely focused music is on the image of the artist now rather than their music, i think image is cool but i wish the artists with the best music got famous overnight instead of the ones with the best image or marketing strategy.

Wow extremely well said and I like the way you mentioned it should be more about the music rather than the image. I couldn’t agree more for sure. So one of my last questions for you is if you got filthy rich what would be the first thing you would do?

I would build my own recording studio and i would probably start a smartphone company because i’ve always wanted to design my own smartphone because i think smartphone companies are not using the technology to its full potential, i think there’s a lot more we can do with smartphones. Like imagine one that’s more like a laptop but fits in your hand, with a keyboard and usb ports and stuff, like also we shouldn’t have to jailbreak our iphones just to install third party software. And why would they remove the rca port–it’s just ridiculous lol.

Yo honestly, never even thought about that I’m not gonna lie. That’s something you gotta do with a big check because that’s a great vision. Of course the studio would be ideal. What keeps you going outside of music? What keeps you sane when you aren’t creating?

Going on walks, skateboarding, meditating and drinking root beer.

Meditating is something I definitely gotta get on and shout out root beer. So my last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

  1. Buckethead
  2. DJ Screw
  3. The Weeknd
  4. Kavinsky
  5. College

Ah definitely such a power list–and that’s the first time someone said DJ Screw, that’s so dope. Before we sign off do you have any last shout outs or words of motivation?

Man shoutout to Albert Hoffman, Terrence Mckenna, Allan Watts, Carl Jung, Hunter S. Thompson, Rip Screw, Peep and X, my advice to anyone and everyone would be let go and trust the universe. shoutout Curren$y and Wiz too, and Three 6 Mafia.

Shoutout the legends and definitely some good words from Pvscale himself. Thank you so much for taking your time out for this. UVC is definitely gonna keep an eye out in 2019.

Of course, thank you so much for the interview. Definitely big things coming for UVC, and shoutout to Underground Vampire Club most of all.

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