Conducted by @lorouzivert
Edited by @Crystalcrows

From the forefront of the ambient rap scene, comes Despair. He talked with UVC to give some more info on who he is, give us a little taste of what he is about, and how he was shaped.

First off introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Thor, but most people know me by my artist name Despair. I am from Austin, Texas.

How did you start making music? I remember seeing some really nice production tracks from you!

I have been listening to underground/soundcloud music since like 2013, such as Raider Klan, Sesh, Sad Boys and Drain Gang. They made me wanna start making music of some sort. So around 2014 I downloaded FL studios 11 and have been messing with it ever since. I made my first actual beat late 2014 and didn’t start posting anything until 2015.

I remember listening to a lot of the same artists from all those groups. They were extremely influential for a large part of the underground. What would you call your style? And how has the SoundCloud scene affected your sound?  

To be honest, I don’t even know what my style is, it’s definitely emotional though. I just make whatever I am feeling like at that moment in time, and try to make the listeners feel how I was feeling when I made the song/beat. And like I said, soundcloud inspired me into making music, I just adapted and found my own way of making it that I like.

Emotional, that’s a really good way to describe it. Your music certainly comes off that way and makes it more enjoyable cause of all the feeling you put into it. I feel like soundcloud was big change in the scene for people making their own music at home. Do you think where you live has impacted how you make music? Like genre, style, etc.

I don’t think being where I live has impacted my music at all, I just locked myself in my room and made music for years, I don’t pay attention to the local music scene really.

Here is a small taste of Despair’s discography.

So how did you go from making beats and instrumentals to becoming the vocalist in your music?

I made beats only from 2015 to late 2016, then I realized that you can only feel and hear so much from an instrumental, so I decided it was time to start putting my voice onto my tracks somehow. My first ever track where I had vocals in is still on my soundcloud called “Can’t Fall Asleep.”

So the first time I took a big notice in you was when you produced “Letter To Peep” with Shiro for Bexey. How did it feel making a tribute song for someone that had such a big impact on the scene?

Well I think a lot of people know that I knew Lil Peep since he started making music, I produced a song for him called “Waste of Time” that dropped in September of 2015. When that song released I knew I had to keep going he inspired me so much. I’ve also known Bexey for about the same time as Peep, we’ve talked a lot over the years and always wanted to work but the timing was never right. After Peep passed I know how heartbreaking the loss of him was for everyone and his friends, including Bexey. Me and Shiro made the beat and wondered who we should send it to. We thought Bexey, but were hesitant on sending because we thought it didn’t feel right, so I reached out to him and said “we have the perfect beat for you whenever you’re ready”. He responded saying he’s already writing and he’s dedicating the song to peep. A day later he sent me the final for “Letter to Peep” and that’s how it came to be.

That’s insane! Such a memorable song from you guys. The beat feel so right for the subject. Also the album you dropped about 9 months ago, “HOPELESS.” How did the writing process for that album go? It’s a really amazing project with a great ambient feel.

“HOPELESS” is a compilation of emotions and things I was going through all of 2018 comprised into an album. I wanted to tell a story and I think I accomplished it pretty well. I wish more people would’ve given it a chance. Shout out to the producers on that, they helped so much.

“HOPELESS” is a great album. So your collective D1, how did you get in there and what makes you guys so unique?

Well I met Shiro in 2016, and he had already knew everyone else, and he added me to a skype call with Sketchy, Ginseng, and Marcelo, and we became best friends and still are to this day. The group started off as a joke really, but then we all met up in LA around June 2017, and we made the “D1” EP and the group name just kind of stuck. I wasn’t even planning on putting rap vocals on any of the songs since my style was more “emo”, but they all forced me to record and I did, and now I incorporate my rap and “emo” vocals together. What makes us unique is that we’re all just some brothers having fun with music and we all work really well together, so effortlessly.

That EP was a really good chance for people to hear you guys work together outside of singles you guys released individually. I met Shiro way back in the day as well when I played Call Of Duty. Such a small world. What was the favorite person you’ve ever worked with?

My favorite people I worked with was Lil Peep and Bexey for sure. Its very sentimental and means the world to me I got the chance to work with them as much as I did. They were day one homies and to see them progress so much so quickly still shocks me to this day. Also all my friends, they’re all so talented and give me constant motivation always.

Do you wanna give anybody a shoutout?

Shout out my D1 boys! Ginseng, Marcelo, Shiro, and Hella Sketchy. Shout out Keagan and Callari. Shout out my KEYWORLD boys, Misogi, nvyuu, Hector Vae. Also shout out all my IRL friends for supporting me. I love everyone forever <3

Well I’m really excited to see what you do in 2019. Everything you’ve put so far is amazing and I believe you will only do greater things has time will come.

At the end here. I’d like to give you guys the link to both the D1 EP and his album HOPELESS. Both are amazing listens you should 100% check out.