Written by @archbishopeddy

Edited by @Crystalcrows

Dropped recently on February 19th, Saphir has presented fans with a video to her stunning track “Martyr.” Directed by Baby Flex Films (Greg Lewis and Dylan O. Donovan), Saphir is center stage in a visual that exemplifies haunting yet frenetic energy that harmoniously embodies her vocals.

The video utilizes various scenes and locations to backdrop Saphir at various stages of the track, from isolated red corridors, empty crossroads, a crowded stage and what seems to be a vacant alleyway.

Mise-en-scene aside, the post production is a gripping element that captures the viewers attention the most, as the quickly cut, flickering, and ever changing color palette of the video help to supplement the impassioned lyrics of “Martyr”, while at the same time juxtapose the overall delivery of the track.

The video is reminiscent of what is common in videos of high tempoed, high energy, percussive lead rap or rock songs, yet the driving force of the video is mellow, and the chilling vocals of Saphir come atop keyboard synths and piano chords. It is a great subversion to see her exert such energy and passion accompanying her singing, whereas one could assume the vibe of the video would be “slower.”

There’s an observable theme of duality in the video; the audience go through shifting colors of predominantly red/warm to “normal” color grading, the locations are all virtually vacant and lonesome until we see Saphir on stage singing. The interspersed clips of a child walking, and even Saphir herself who dons a mask in the beginning of the video as well as literally having her hair both light and dark. There’s evocative imagery all throughout the duration of the project, all of which I think hammer down the aura of the opening lines of the hook:

Martyrs wake up to the sounds of hell and disbelief

It’s a compelling performance and creatively directed piece that is worth the attention. Check it out below.