Interview conducted by @Zomb_Slays

Edited by @Crystalcrows

Whisper “The Coke God,” an extremely unique artist from Illinois, sat down with UVC to tell us all about what got him to where he is today.

So first things first, where are you from and how old are you?

Right now I live in Joliet but I grew up near the city. Little Village and Cicero to be exact. Growing up I didn’t have a dad. It was just me and my mom. She did everything she could for me despite all obstacles and never stopped supporting me even tho I was fucking up really bad. In early school years I was always the quiet kid, I had friends but no one knew much about me. I was hella secluded and didn’t really have anyone besides my grandma there for me. I didn’t have a dad and I barely saw my mom so I didn’t really know how to talk or act around people ya know. I was a super weird kid. I remember this one time this one kid said some shit about my mom and I gathered like a squad of people that were cool with me and I convinced them to jump him. LMAO. The kid snitched on me and everything. Fast forwarding to when I moved to Joliet and started going to high school. I turned into a really cocky asshole that manipulated everyone, especially girls. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what I was doing was wrong. At this point I didn’t talk to my mom and rarely saw my dad. So I was kinda just doing my own thing. I lacked caring and emotion. I was so insecure about myself, so I used other people to try to make me happy when I was never happy with myself. And I’m 20. Sagittarius by the way.

Wow alright, so that’s definitely quite the story. Before we keep going, tell me what it’s been like growing up in Illinois.

A lot of people shit on or hate living on Illinois. I actually really like it, I’m in no rush to move or go anywhere else. Like yeah I wanna go see the world obviously but Illinois is just home to me. I feel like Illinois is just hella influential too. A lot of great athletes and artists came from here so there must be something special about it. Yeah it has its bad areas but honestly which place doesn’t? You just gotta know how to move and you’ll be alright. I like going downtown a lot, people mainly just mind their own business but are generally friendly.

That’s good, you’re positive about it. Not a lot of people take pride in their hometown. You were talking before about growing up with your family and how it was rough at times, who were some early musical influences? Who did you listen to growing up?

Yeah bro I try to be positive about everything and that’s one of the things I wanna spread. I wanna use my voice to open up peoples minds about hella stuff and realize that life is too short to be sad and worrying about it all the time. You gotta live in the moment and appreciate what you have cause it can be taken at any second, ya know. A huge influence on music itself was my father. The rare occasions I did see him he’d try to use that time to try to bond with me. Video games, music, sports. But music was one of the things that didn’t stick at first. But then as I started listening to who influenced me music wise, I started to develop a bond and love for it. I’ve had A LOT of artists that influenced me. Of course older legends like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Twista, Linkin Park and then newer legends like X, Lil Peep, Earl Sweatshirt, Justin Bieber. My sound is super diverse and I can literally do any genre or style with proper tools and guidance.

That’s so solid and that’s one thing you can get immediately from your sounds is how versatile you are. So at what point did you start making your own music?

I started actually recording and making music during my senior year of high school but it was always for fun. Just high school kids staying off the streets and messing around with a mic. But I was actually rapping for a while before. I’d get on Xbox live and get on Call of Duty search and destroy lobbies and rap battle people, LOL. It was pretty trash but I was rhyming shit and talking shit so it worked. A lot of my friends over Xbox and school would motivate me and hype me up to actually start recording, so one thing just led to another.

That’s honestly doesn’t surprise me. What was creating your first song like?

Bro creating my song was so crazy and a huge deal and step in the right direction for me. I think it might still be up but it was this little cypher that I was in with some friends. It’s cringe asf to me but it’s also super special, because it’s the fact that when I dropped it I got sooo much good feedback and it led me to keep making more and more. If I dropped it and everyone was talking shit I probably would’ve been more hesitant on continuing ya know. I also remember when I dropped that song this one bitch hit me up and was like “Is that you?” And I was like “yeah lol” and she responded by sending me nudes. LMAOOO, I was like yoooo being a rapper is lit.

Yeah that sounds about right lol I’m glad you kept going though honestly because it turned into something special for you. What’s the favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

Honestly that’s a hard answer. I make music depending on how I feel so every song kinda hits different at certain times. But I think right now my favorite song is “Itsoktoleave.” Because not only did I mix that myself and it came out super clean, but that song honestly saved my life. I was in a super low place mentally when that song came about and the positive feedback when I dropped it meant the world to me. It made me realize that people genuinely care about me and the song itself is really deep relatable.

I definitely really like that joint from you a lot, there’s always that one that’s super special. How long does it particularly take you to make a song?

I can make a song in like 5-10 minutes if I’m freestyling but I tend to write more cause I like to put a lot of thought into making a song. If I’m writing a song it’ll take me almost a full day till I’m happy with it, sometimes longer. I like to get super baked when I’m writing or recording. And be in whatever vibe I need to be for the song. I’m kind of a perfectionist, so sometimes I overthink a lot over how something sounds. But I just told myself that whatever sounds crazy to me will sound 10x crazier to a listener.

Whatever makes you comfortable. Your sounds fit you well so that leads me to my next question: What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t record or be in the studio without.

In no particular order but

  1. Water
  2. Weed
  3. People who are serious about their work, not a yes man
  4. An open mind and willingness to accept change
  5. A safe environment, as in not having any negativity around me, like drama

Perfect list honestly, that’s just the same for me as well. What are your goals for the rest of the winter and 2019?

I have a lot of smaller goals that are slowly leading into bigger goals. I have a lot of stuff in the works with my brand that I co own, XXIX club. I’m also working with many other brands in hopes of creating something next level for the media entertainment industry. As for my smaller goals I like to keep that out of public eye just cause I like to move on the low. I stay out of all drama and focus on myself and my brand. Just know that things are slowly picking up. Shoutout IHatePvrpl, Shoutout UVC, Shoutout creatives only, Shoutout Jesus, Shoutout Asim for fixing my internet yesterday.

Shoutout the crew and everyone for sure. That’s what I like to hear, that’s going to be extremely exciting to see what’s in store this year. XXIX Club is making a lot of noise lately, tell me about how all that started and who’s involved.

Long story short I met ihatepvrpl in high school and we bonded over some girl that was talking to the both of us at the same time. Lmaoo, when word around school started that I was making music and I was actually decent asf, he mentioned that he also wanted to try music. I encouraged him and he started tryna find his own sound. Me and him have been thru a lot together. That’s literally my brother. He called me his music soul mate once LMAO. Doing this shit without him would be pointless so we both motivate each other and aim for the stars. Everyone in XXIX is my family, fans included. All active members are super talented and I always encourage them to chase their dreams if they ever want to turn music into something bigger. I also want to say publicly Rest in Paradise Gabby, and we won’t ever let her legacy die. Her music will live on thru not only everyone in xxix club but everyone her music touched. We love and miss her and know she’d want us to stay together and live our dreams.

Definitely huge shoutout the team and 2019 is gonna be extremely positive for XXIX. RIP Gabby as well she’ll live on forever now. Now with the club aside for a moment, who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

I think working with Ski Mask would be amazing. Working with Kayne would be a dream. I’m also a huge fan of Ronny J and Dr Dre. Ariana Grande. That’d be fye.

Wow ok what a lineup, any one of those could be super fire. What would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

What would I do if I got filthy rich? Shiiiit honestly bro I’d give back to the one person that never stopped believing me. My mom dude. All the bullshit she’s been thru for me, this would the LEAST I could do. I can’t ever fully repay her but I can make her life easier. The first thing I’d do if I blew up was make sure she’s set for life. Spoil her. Just make her feel like it was all worth it.

Yeah I definitely agree 100% broski, that’s gotta be what I’d do as well. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going when you aren’t creating? What do you usually do if you aren’t making music?

If im not making music I’m usually always out doing something. I’m super open minded and I’m down for almost anything. I like to play basketball a lot. I’m actually decent asf. I like video games, I’m currently playing thru Kingdom Hearts 3. I like going to parties. I like going to the movies, nature walks, museums. I like shopping for clothes. I like eating lmao, deep conversations, conspiracy theories. I’m everywhere bro.

Yeah you’re definitely easy going and a lot of people seem to like that energy about you including myself. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

My top 5 favorite artists of all time goes like this

  1. X
  2. Lil Wayne
  3. Eminem
  4. Biggie
  5. Earl Sweatshirt. Biggie is also a major influence I just forgot to mention him

All straight legends and yeah honestly Biggie is still huge over east as well so I had my fair share of his library. Before we sign off do you have any last shout outs or words of motivation?

Chase your dreams. People will always hate no matter what you do. They hate because they’re intimidated and scared of someone stepping outside the box and doing better than them. They don’t want to see you succeed. Prove them wrong. Study your laws of the universe and open your mind. Not just spiritually but also open your mind towards reality. Pay attention to what the government is doing and learn to adapt to it. The world is changing fast and I’m trying to help guide everyone thru it with positivity and good vibes.

Well said my friend. 2019 is ours and thank you for taking out of your time for this. UVC is most definitely going to keep our eyes on XXIX.

You can check out Coke God’s most recent drop on SoundCloud below.