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Amber Sage is a hidden gem from Boston and sat down with UVC to tell us how she got into music and where she wants to take things in the future for 2019 and beyond.

First things first where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from Boston and I’m 20 years old.

Tell me about growing up on the east coast, what’s that been like for you?

It’s been interesting and I am thankful for all the experiences I’ve had here, good and bad. I think a huge part of life is taking the cards you are dealt in life and making the most of it. For the past two years I’ve been thinking about moving to the west coast, so I’m currently working several jobs and hopefully that happens this year.

I can definitely agree with that for sure. I think the west has such a better scene for not only music but a lot of things. Who were some early musical influences for you growing up?

I grew up listening to riot grrrl bands and all sorts of alternative music, but a huge influence on me I would have to say is the band Hole. (Some other notable influences I would say would be) Britney Spears, Portishead, The Cure, Tori Amos, Garbage and Mazzy Star. Oh and No Doubt. I have a whole section of my wall collage with art from their albums, and evanescence lol that’s a big one.

Wow that’s such a library I remember those days so much all classics and legends for sure. Evanescence has to have some of my favorite stuff from when I was growing up. Now at what point did you start creating your own music and expressing yourself?

So I actually was a theatre kid growing up so I always sang, and I loved writing lyrics and played a lil guitar, but it wasn’t until I was around 17 when me and Mike made our band (K.K. Slider) that I started really getting into making music to share with people. It had been a really private thing before. The solo music I make is still something very personal to me, but I’ve grown more comfortable with that.

That’s amazing, I had a feeling you had an extensive background. At what point did you decide to take music seriously?

It’s kind of strange but it wasn’t really a conscious decision. It’s just something I’ve always been passionate about and felt a calling towards – and music is how I express the things I otherwise can’t say. I’m not taking it *too* seriously, though. I made sure to have a solid backup plan first.

Absolutely I noticed you have your hands in other crafts as well, before we dive into that tell me what’s your favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

Out of my released songs, I really love Soul Eater. I’m proud of that one and I loved working with Ari (aka myrrh ka ba) on it. Other than that, I have a new song featuring Rawska and produced by iloveyoucxnnxr and it’s really different than anything I’ve made before. I’m excited to put that one out.

For sure Soul Eater came out insanely good and Rawska & Connor kill it I can’t wait to hear what that sounds like. What’s your song process like? How long does it particularly take you to make a song?

Usually I’ll just be doing normal everyday things and I’ll either be thinking or in my feelings about something and just start from there with the concept. A lot of the time I have producers make custom beats for me and we work together to make the end result blend well. For Soul Eater, it was a pre made beat but I was feeling it so much when listening and I had just gone through a weird situation so it just came to me. There’s a lot of hidden messages in that song. It takes me anywhere from 3 days to several weeks or even months to make a finished song. I take my time with it now. My first song Bad Luck was really rushed and sloppy and I’ve learned a lot from that I think.

That’s what I like to hear each process can be different and I like the way your sounds come out. What are your top 5 recording necessities? Things you can’t record without.

1. My voice 2. One headphone on one headphone off. It’s weird idk if I’m the only one that does that but it’s easier that way 3. Reverb 4. Water 5. Good quality mic with a pop filter.

Whatever makes you comfortable is best I like that list a lot. What are your plans for the rest of the winter and 2019?

I’m gonna work on myself as much as possible and try to just enjoy the stability and balance I will create in my life. I’ve been working on an album for a hot minute too, so in 2019 you’ll hear that for sure.

Health is wealth plus an album from you would be insane. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

I want Dave Navarro on a song with me and I would love to work with Jakkyboi his music is really cool. Oh and Brooke Candy.

All of them could be dope for sure especially Jakky. What’s your number one goal in music? Do you have a message or something you wanna accomplish?

I want to make people feel like they have someone they can relate to and that has gone through some shit but turned it around and made it into art instead of letting it destroy them. I want to destigmatize mental illness as well as break constraints within the music scene when it comes to gender.

Definitely such a good message. I love when artists wanna spread that type of mindset. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going outside of it? What keeps you sane when you aren’t creating?

Makeup relaxes me and is a huge hobby of mine and it’s a healthy hobby.

Na honestly I feel you a lot, tell me about Makeup. When did you start getting into that more?

Oh man I’ve honestly always been into it. I grew up in the MySpace era from a very young age I was wearing winged eyeliner. I would say I got really into it when I was 13. That’s when I discovered that I could wear anything I want because it’s my face. I actually used to wear blue lipstick almost every day in middle school it wasn’t a good look though.

That’s so sick you can tell it’s definitely something you’re passionate about. What would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

That’s a tough one. Id probably buy a bee farm and try to save hella bees, just have my own beekeeping sanctuary to keep them safe n cared for and then I’d get AirPods. Yeah that’s about it.

Save the bees for sure. I was actually just talking to someone about that today. Plus you gotta cop the airpods. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Hole, Fleetwood Mac, Bjork, Lydia and Bright Eyes

Wow fleetwood mac would be crazy, before we sign off do you have any last shoutouts or words of motivation?

Hmmm Follow me on ig, that’s all I can think of.

Perfect, thank you for taking your time out for this. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out on you this year.

Stream her newest song “Soul Eater” below.