Written by @lorouzivert

Edited by @carssere

Nick Prosper brings us a new song this week with production from the likes of FUBU DAN  and BOY FLOSS entitled “Everything sucks”. This songs features everything that is enjoyable about the emo punk rap aesthetic going on today. Let’s dive into it.

The song starts out by playing some guitar chords in the background to set a nice vibe to the song. Not too fast, just the right tempo to set the mood. Soon after, a bass drum comes in. The addition to just this element of the song adds a feeling of this song being performed at a venue. The guitar having reverb as well only adds to this effect. Nick then comes in talking about the his struggles in life.

I get fucked up just to numb the pain // Same shit baby just a different day, put a bullet in my brain // When this shit gone change, I’ve been kicked to the curb, I’ve been left in the rain.

Nick here talks about what many people are struggling through. With the growing number of people dealing with anxiety, depression, suicidal thought, his music becomes relatable to them. While some may think it would be bad to talk about subjects like this in a song, I think it reforced the fact that, you aren’t alone in this struggle and gives of a feeling to the listener of “you can fight on just like me”. Nick does an amazing job with lyrics in this song and does a great job at connecting with his audience through these beautiful, yet melancholy filled lyrics.

Nick Prosper has been continuously growing in the underground and I don’t think he will be stopping anytime soon. I’m rejoiced every time Nick drops a song cause I know it’s always going to be of good quality and substance. Checkout the song down below and tell us what you think of it.