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Yung Shame is a Seattle native expressing himself through his music and his career is something you don’t see happen all the time. The hinoni member sat down to tell us his story and future in this UVC exclusive.

 First things first where are you from and how old are you?

 I’m from Seattle and I’m 18.

 Seattle raised, tell me about your experience out west growing up in Washington.

What can I even say? I feel like Seattle has treated me and a lot of people pretty horribly but it’s a lot better than a lot of places and it’s a nice city just to do nothing in.

 Honestly you aren’t the only person to say that about Washington and Seattle. It’s good you made it this far though, what was music like growing up for you? Tell me about your early influences.

 Ah music growing up well I’d listen to a lot of like alt rock and 90s bands growing up like the smashing pumpkins and the pixies and I went through a period where id only pretty much listen to punk like I love the bad brains and the circle jerks they’re some of my favorite artists but after that in like 2014 I heard Yung Lean and that blew my mind and opened me to all the SoundCloud shit and I’ve been on it ever since. Also for influences I’d say like Lil Uzi definitely influenced me I’ve been listening to him since 2015 and he influenced me to want to make music and I think I started making beats after Luv is Rage dropped. I have worked with artists I really admire but I can’t say that they inspired me quite like Lean and Uzi did when I was growing up starting making music.

 That’s literally such a good mix, I can definitely relate to the rock/punk and Lean was easily such a groundbreaking artist when I discovered in 2014 as well. Do you remember making your first song? What was that like for you?

LMFAO I remember making my first song. It was like some terrible shit in the eighth grade but for my first like real song I remember making it jus sitting in my room off a xan after my flight back home and I had made a fire beat on the plane so I just said “fuck it” and made a song. Honestly that was only about a year and a half ago. I feel like recording didn’t really click until around late 2017 early 2018 though.

 All it takes is one, that’s so sick you got this far in that amount of time. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

That’s a hard one I really like the song So Cold on Capos page that I’m featured on that’s been my fav song since we made it but for songs I’ve made myself its probably Wonderin w Nez I just made that in the beginning and I remember that I felt like I was doing something with my music after we made that and like I was getting it down Ig idk I have better songs but it’s a sentimental one to me for sure and I feel like I’ll never forget that song.
 Both are such bangers and when you can Capo hop on a track it’s crazy. How did you and him end up first connecting with each other?

We knew about each other but like Seattle’s weird so it wasn’t really until this one night Pvscale had me and Lil Soda Boi and Asa over to his studio and then Capo and Koi slid too and we hit it off after that night making songs. Not sure exactly but I believe that was when we recorded Sadness Overwhelms Me.

 Damn that’s some gold right there, how did all of you guys end up creating Hinoni? Was it around that time as well?

Yeah, it was like a week later and we made a page to drop Sadness Overwhelms Me and then it spoke itself into existence, we literally did it all on a IG live at a park at 3am over a WiFi hotspot on my laptop.

Lmao that’s absolutely hilarious I had no idea about that. You guys kept it pushing and now you got some decent traction, what are your plans for the rest of the winter and 2019?

Well we got another Hinoni project we’ve been working on that I’m excited to show everyone but recently I’ve jus been focused on like trying to take care of myself so idk I might take a break from everything for my own self this next month I think just to get my head straight so I can make great music again and I have to show in Canada in like a week or two which should be sick but honestly I’m taking 2019 one step at a time.

 That’s such a great thing and honestly that’s amazing to hear. One step at a time and you guys are gonna kill it this year. Who are some other artists you’d like to work with outside of Hinoni? Big or small.

I don’t really know anyone that I’d desperately want to work with but we’ve been working with like Deliverthecrush, 4evr and Ppgcasper and I wanna keep working more with them this year but on the real I need more music w Lil Yu.

 You guys mesh so well with them when you guys work together. Also definitely huge shoutout Lil yu he’s going hard lately you guys gotta get more in for sure. What’s your number one reason you make music? Do you have an overall goal?

 My number one reason I make music is just for myself  it’s really therapeutic to me and it really helps me with panic attacks and general anxiety so a lot of the time my music will be made when I’m like having a panic attack cause it’s one of the only things in life that jus causes me this sort of bliss I guess.

 To be honest with you I can definitely relate to that a lot and it’s actually one healthy way of dealing with things like that. How long does it usually take you to fully make a song?

Depends on the song and day, but like I’ll make a beat in 20 minutes and then record in around 30-45 but like I can take hours just fucking w a finished song mixing and rearranging the beat jus tweaking it.

 That’s what I expected because you can tell a lot of your sounds are solid and it comes out extremely well. What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without.

Studio necessities… I jus need a DAW and a microphone I’ve worked on music in so many different places that at this point I have no necessities except letting me mix IG lmao, but I do really like drinking soda sometimes in the studio like a Faygo or a Big Blue/Red gets my head straight, but other than soda which is only like a rare occasion, I can work in pretty much any studio. I guess you could say weed too, but to me that’s more of a life necessity.

 Honestly that’s fire, not a lot of people are versatile like that and can work anywhere. Soda and Gas a must for sure. One of the last questions I had for you was what would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

First thing I’d do is probably hit the jeweler and just get completely iced out if we’re talking filthy rich but if it was just mid-rich I’d go figure out how to triple that.

 That’s always such a dope answer everyone wants to invest it when I ask that question, I’d probably do the same thing.  My last question for you was who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

OK this one’s hard to say for sure but off top of my head I’d say #1 Kanye #2 Young Thug #3 Lil Uzi #4 Bad Brains and #5 Bladee. I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore as I’m more focused on making it but those are 5 artists I think are timeless for me.

 What a powerhouse list, always gotta put bladee on there foreal. Before we sign off do you have any last shoutouts or words of motivation?

Yeah, I’d say those are all the artists that made me into this scene and what not so I have to pay respect, shoutout to Nez, Capoxxo, Pvscale and Lil Koi and I’d say to just know yourself if you don’t know who you are you’ll never know what you’re doing.

 Shoutout the whole crew and that’s really something to think about. Huge shoutout yourself as well thank you for taking the time out for this. UVC is excited for Shame & Hinoni 2019

Check out Yung Shame’s SoundCloud page below.