Written by @wtrflls

Edited by @drakobills

 The much anticipated sophomore album “Suffer On”, from Scranton based king of the esoteric, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal marks his first release on his new label “Run For Cover Records” and delivers all the dark moodiness and soulful poetry that was present on previous full length “Secret Boy” but with a new level of polish and craftsmanship.

 With crisp production from fellow Gothboiclique member and frequent collaborator Døves as well as studio engineer Will Yip from Black Cement Records the impressive track list maintains the dark trap flavoured production of previous releases whilst also making heavy use of acoustic guitars that call back to Wicca’s days fronting PA emo band ‘Tigers Jaw’.

 The tape starts strong with opener ‘Together’ building from a somber, acoustic ballad filled with dark, melancholy lyrics (“I’m sad to be alive, and when I’m by your side” particularly touching on some darker themes) to a more familiar hip hop flavoured drum beat. The lead singles from the tape ‘Just One Thing’ and ‘Rest’ feel right at home amongst the full body of work, the latter featuring arguably the hardest line of the year so far (“Cast Spells Write Checks”).

 The song ‘I Wake Up In Pain” is a particular standout. Moving away from the trap style drums and chilling acoustic guitars to a more avant garde style. With the beat switching between something akin to an experimental 80s pop track and an industrial dance beat all somehow dancing perfectly with Wicca’s gloomy tone. Lyrically the track is one of the most introspective touching on insecurity in relationships with the chorus showing deep vulnerabilities (“Back to a past life, I had you up all night, you like me right?”).

 The closer of the album is also the title track. ‘Suffer On’ is arguably the most sonically different song on the album, swapping guitars or hard hitting beats for ambient synths and minimalistic drums. Despite this change the song is no less impactful and seems to round the tape off perfectly.

 Overall ‘Suffer On’ is one of Wicca’s best releases yet and is a must listen for both fans and newcomers alike. As an artist he has clearly evolved greatly from earlier tapes and even his debut and if anything this is an indication of even greater things to come.