Written by Nathan Hochstetler

Edited by @drakobills

I was just browsing YouTube doing my normal rounds of checking up on all of the song posting channels I follow to see if I missed any major uploads from underground artists recently and I stumbled across a name I honestly didn’t think I’d see again. Lil Dusty G has released a new song entitled “Insects”.

Lil Dusty G was a prominent figure in the emo scene on soundcloud for a very brief period of time. His vocals had an eerie sense of atmosphere that was unmatched by his contemporaries. He used a lot of fiery Ghost Rider imagery in his songs and art. Elevator released multiple music videos from him of a very impressive quality and they were doing very well. I even remember hearing his name in Internet Hippy’s NoJumper interview, when he was asked what his list of upcoming artists looked like.

So what happened to him? If Dusty G was such a prominent upcoming name in emo, why hasn’t he made his way into the mainstream yet? The answer lies in Dusty G’s lyrical content. Lil Dusty G had some fairly catchy though standard bars, with the occasional really clever line, the problem was, they weren’t all his lyrics.

Right around the release of Dusty G’s video for the song “Dead End”, a really unique blend of cowboy western themes and emo sounds, the underground legend known as OmenXIII lead a social media campaign against Dusty G. Omen showed that Dusty G had been stealing his and Lil Peep’s lyrics in many of the older songs that undeniably lead to Dusty G’s popularity. Dusty G’s “Dead End” did not contain any borrowed lyrics but the song being uploaded so close to the controversy made it an easy target and it received a very large number of dislikes. The video currently sits at around half a million views with eight thousand dislikes.

After this controversy Lil Dusty G disappeared for a long while. I honestly thought he was gone, “cancelled” by the community for mistakes he made when his career was in its infancy. Now it seems with his new song “Insects” he has made his return. So I pose a question; should we as a community allow his return?

One side of the argument is that only songs he made before he really had any prominence in the scene had stolen lyrics. The other side argues that those songs are the ones that gave him his success; his success was not fairly earned. I think everyone can agree that stolen bars are not something we should encourage in the community. If someone gets exposed, apologizes, and never repeats the behavior should we continue to boycott their music or should they be allowed to prove they have learned from their mistakes? I can’t answer that, it’s up to the community to decide.

Something to note is that I think that the claim that Dusty G grew through other’s lyrics is a little deceptive. I very rarely saw Lil Dusty G praised for interesting or new lyrical content. The high majority of his listeners were listening for his uniquely tortured vocal tone. You could feel the pain in every second of Dusty’s music not because of the lyrics but due to his overwhelmingly emotional voice. Whether Dusty G makes a comeback or not it is important to recognize that if he no longer made art it would be a loss of a singing talent like something never seen before in the scene.

I’ll leave you with a link to a tweet that shows many of the stolen lyrics, a link to OmenXIII’s music, and a link to Lil Dusty G’s music as it is only fair to provide all the information and allow you as the audience to make the decision of what to do with it.