Written by @lorouzivert

Edited by @drakobills

Shiro is a producer with an immense passion for music. He sat down with UVC to tell us a little more about himself and his craft.

So first, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Justin. I produce under the name Shiro. I’ve been making music and producing beats for about 3 to 4 years. I started off doing Call of Duty edits and the songs in those edits got me curious got in the musical production side of things. My friend Kienan (Lil Wok) started producing on the side when he wasn’t playing games and I was really drawn to it.

You are a very diverse artist from what your SoundCloud shows. What styles of music have you tried making?

I started out sampling hymns and church type shit originally, there was a big movement of that kind of stuff on SoundCloud in 2014-15. People like Safari, Ang3l and PEARL WHITE. Then from there, I went more for a lo-fi feel to my music starting with tracks like a rainy day in Tokyo. Then again I switched my style to more of phonk and lo-fi and also began producing for rappers. Now I’m back to doing my own thing. I just make whatever I feel like at the moment, and right now I feel like making lo-fi.

That’s super cool. Doing all these different styles of production must give you a really good appreciation for all sorts of genres of music. Which style did you like producing the most?

I’m really enjoying the mix of lo-fi and regular beats I got going on right now. It’s fun and it keeps me interested especially when I get to experimenting with different types of beats.

Here is a small taste of Shiro’s Discography.

How do you feel the underground has changed since you started making music?

A lot of people say that they miss the old SoundCloud, but I don’t think it’s changed for the better or the worse. We’ve just grown a lot larger. More mainstream attention for sure is a big part of it. It’s just crazy to see Industry people have been biting stuff that was at one time something that was exclusive to the underground.

So one of your collectives is D1, how did you guys form? How is it having the chance to collab with so many artists?

D1 started in 2016 with me, Hella Sketchy, Marcelo, Ginseng, and Despair (thor) later on. We started off in a group chat and we all just started doing our own thing and went from there. We all still talk but mostly do separate things. Ginseng just busy being the best producer, Hella Sketchy making a name for himself as a rapper, and Marcelo joining Hollow Squad and taking off. I’m just crazy proud of how far we have all come.

How about Neilaworld? What’s it like being with such an insane group of artists?

Neilaworld is just so stacked. Everyone is insanely talented and I’m so lucky to be a part of them. I’ve been seeing Neila tags everywhere and crazy to see how far of a reach we are getting in the scene but also slowly pushing to the mainstream.

Who was your favorite artist that you’ve worked with?

Vowl. Him and I made a song almost a year ago, 4 U.., This has been the easiest and the most fun person that I have worked with. He is so talented in every aspect from mixing to putting the beat together to seeing what you could change, the final product we made was just crazy to me. Everyone that I have worked with though is extremely talented and I have much love for all of them.

Your guys’ collab was crazy for sure. If you could choose any artists from the underground or the mainstream, who would you work with?

Shit bro this actually really hard to choose. I’d probably go with Bladee or Yung Lean, they’ve been such a big influence from the start. Their aesthetic and unique style really showed it’s okay to be myself. Some other artists would be Shoreline Mafia, I’ve been listening to a lot of their discography recently and been digging their stuff, and of course the goat Young Thug.

Your recent album Regret how long were you working on it? Also, the album is very well done by the way.

I worked on it for a month and a half. It wasn’t passive work grind either. It was all day every day. The thing with lo-fi is that you want something that would you wanna listen to again and again. Every time I woke up, I’d work on it. Go visit family? I’d work on it there. I just want to keep releasing works of music like that for sure. I always want to make sure everything is 100% polished before I release it.

Do you have any insane work coming out anytime soon?

I have a Lil Mosey song that’s produced by me and Hella Sketchy hopefully dropping sometime soon. I’m really excited about it. Me and cholopunx are doing a collab tape coming out sometime soon as well. Also, I’m hoping to drop a few more tapes this year. I’m going to try and go for three more releases this year.

That’s insane! I’m so excited to hear this new Mosey track with y’alls production. While we are wrapping this up, anyone you wanna shoutout or give a mention to?

Shoutout to my boys in Thanos World! Ginseng, Keegan Hoffman, Callari, dontlovejacob, misogi,  Adrian (nvyuu), Thor (Despair), Hector Vae, and Marcelo. Everyone is so talented and I got much love for all of em. Neilaworld and D1 as well, everyone is super nice y’all my brothers.