Written by @lorouzivert

Edited by @drakobills

Acclaimed producer, Yeoj, gives us a thrilling conclusion to his trilogy with Yeoj World 3. This project showcases his work with many different underground acts including the likes of 30Rock, Jo$en, Dieplug, Sari, Loudpack Kap as well as some producers like Fucmarty, Nevernotbetter, Evn, Drako Bill$ and many more. Simply put, this tape is stacked.

“Mob” featuring 30Rock is a great introduction to the project. The production on this track is stellar from start to finish. Similar to the album cover, the song begins with a spacey vibe giving it a euphoric feeling. The 808s come in just a few seconds later allowing the listener to anticipate 30Rock. The lyrics are not disappointing at all either. “Make a bitch take off her wedding ring, fuck a bitch I make her scream. Never text a bad bih but you ask her she so into me. Her boyfriend my enemy, never will get rid of me.” His storytelling skills about just fucking a bitch and still grabbing your attention is what kept pulling me to hear more of this song. 30Rock follows up his lyrical skills by riding this beat effortlessly leaving me with my jaw dropped the first time I listened to it. This is what an introduction track should be.

While the album has a lot of great features on it, I think it’s important to talk about Yeoj’s dedication to not only getting so many artists to work with, but also his production value. There is not a single moment in this tape that felt dull. Everything from front to back was a wild ride. Not everything is an “in your face banger” but all the tracks grab your attention in one way or another.

For example, the track “Designer” featuring the likes of Dieplug & Sari has an earworm of a melody followed by a build-up to one of the greatest climaxes I’ve heard in a long time. The production on this track had a retro feel it to it. The opening melody reminded me of turning on a Nintendo 64 and starting up The Legend of Zelda. This crazy production along with Dieplug’s vocals right at the get-go, makes this a “must listen” on the tape.

Another track that really caught my attention is “Blow Up!” featuring Drako Bill$ & Matter4k. This song starts slow, speeds up, then returns to the original tempo. The thing about this “pluggy” type of intro is that sometimes the intro is too slow or not the right pitch. This song, however, has a nice tempo to begin with, and the pitch was perfect, making this intro a complete success in my book. Drako Bill$ and Matter4k also kill this song with simple yet memorable lyrics. “Woah, and they said I’m gon’ shine. Drippin’ in designer, she knows I’m lookin fine”. This lyric, while pleasantly not over complicated, sticks in your head. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can picture a music video for this song already.

Another stand-out moment on the tape was “7 Figures Baby” featuring YNB201 aka “Yung Nut Buster”. Apart from the gorgeous melody with the marimba at the opening, YNB’s voice is incredibly soothing when he is sing-rapping. His voice flows with this beat perfectly, causing me to be fully focused on his voice alone. The instrumental however is also a magical experience. While “Designer” felt like The Legend of Zelda, this felt more like Kirby. A bit more light hearted but still having the right elements for a great song. I think the vocals nonetheless, are something that shine above all else in this track.

Yeoj is continuing time and time again to be a force to be reckoned within the underground. While his trilogy is over, his music career is not. Yeoj will only continue to up his game more and more as he takes his sound to the next level. The features on this project were selected with close precision, as all the musicians follow seamlessly through the beats. I’m beyond excited to see what Yeoj puts out in the future. Check out the project down below, and tell us what you think of it.