Written by @Zomb_Slays
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California native Johnny Christ has a name to make for himself in 2019 and sat down with UVC to tell us what he has in store.

First things first where are you from and how old are you?

Born in Boyle heights California on February 1st 1995.

California livin’, tell me about growing up out west, what was that like for you?

Pretty mixed feelings I guess. It’s all I’ve really known. I would love to do more travelling around the country & world.

I mean don’t get me wrong it’s sunny, beautiful, tons of places to adventure, DISNEYLAND, beautiful people all that Cali stuff but there’s also a lot of cons. I now sorta’ hate like how crowded it can be everywhere. Well mostly cause’ I can be an outgoing person but at the same time I can really hate how packed places can be and make me wanna’ go home. But growing up it was great, I didn’t have a too bad of a childhood until my teens. Great school, amazing friends the normal California playing basketball/playing in middle school band type childhood.

That’s dope though, you seem extremely positive about it. What was music like growing up for you? Who are some early influences?

As early as I can remember was for sure Michael Jackson! RIP king of pop! No one could ever hate on his music from kids to old folks. My dad would listen to a lot of 80s stuff like The Cure, The Police, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and a lot of Spanish artists I don’t remember by name cause my Spanish is weak. Those were my artists between 6-10.

Then MySpace and YouTube was the thing in middle school. My MySpace page needed fire music!!! Fuck the wallpaper, I remember being so determined to have the best set list out of all my friends. Those years 11+ I started listening to everything. The list is too long but I would watch so many documentaries (vH1 stuff) about Motley Crue and how Nikki died and came back, Black Sabbath and the story behind the song “Black Sabbath”.

One of the biggest icons to take over me was My Chemical Romance!!! I was a big ass emo kid, in fact the only emo kid cause I went to Catholic school so I was the most out of my shell there; first to wear skinny jeans, I would wear make up like MCR, new Hot Topic band tees every week.

In high school Eminem is who got me into rap and hip hop, and from there I started to listen to Dre, 50, Nas, Snoop, Pac, Wayne, and Drake, who was super popping in high school when his mixtape dropped. How I see it by the way bro, music is a big ass tree. Start at the root and learn to reach the next branch, because there’s no such thing as shit music. There’s music you might not be interested in but somewhere out there there’s people who are interested in that genre. Kinda’ how like everyone’s ugly to at least someone. I might be attracted to some people with face tattoos but a monster to others.

Literally the best way to look at it my friend. That history is definitely relatable especially for our generation. When did you first start getting into actually making music?

Middle school I had a band with my 3 best friends we went by “The Dilemmas”. I think I still remember one song we made that was fire! But throughout the years I forgot the guitar chords to it.

In high school I would carry a dictionary and notebook everywhere to write songs cause’ I know that’s what Eminem would do. My raps were horrible horrible horrible back then, when I look at the notebook today lol I think I would rate myself a 7 out of 10. I know I can do a lot better as I push myself more and more with every song to see what I can improve on.

April 2018 that’s when I met my bro GrungeJoe and right away we shared interested in a lot of artists we been listening to like Lil Peep, Lil Aaron, Coldhart, and said let’s try it and we ended up with the first song we ever made as a team called Cocaine.

Everyone gotta’ start somewhere right? I think that’s hilarious to look back on where we started, so after April at what point did you decide you wanted to take it seriously?

Haha yes sir, but trust me no one can see that notebook ever. I think the song that made us take it more seriously was Her when it got up to 5K from two little accounts with barely any followers. That’s when we got the confidence to wanna’ really do this and at the moment we are looking for a third musical roommate in LA to rent a big house all together with a built-in house studio to really start taking over. Mid-April should be where we are gonna’ be able to be wake up, gym, music, work, music, sleep, repeat! The days of going out might be rare cause we will both be home just focusing on our craft.

Honestly goals, that’s great to hear. What’s your favorite song you’ve ever made or released?

As great and fun it’s been making each song I don’t think there’s a favorite favorite yet. I mean Cocaine would be there for now cause it’s always fun with GrungeJoe and sometimes we have homies around to kick it while we record, but favorite as in I’m super proud of what I’ve made I’m not there yet. I feel I can keep doing better with my songs.

I was gonna’ drop a EP called Hellbound on my birthday but it might turn out to just be a single with my homie Treflip because I feel like Hellbound turned from an tiny EP to me having another moment of realising “damn“.

That single bad as hell, came out fire. I know I’m getting better at this with every song and I’m gonna’ make sure I keep improving. I gotta’ scratch the other tracks (8-10). If I’m not super duper happy with it, I can’t release it.

I’ve dropped a lot of snippets of songs that will be worked on again and it has happened in the past hahaha. Our song/crappy music video Old Scars was a track we thought we would never see happen then pulled it back out a few more later.

Hellbound won’t be an EP anymore but more of an awakening. I will keep pushing out better music and make good music for people to listen to. It will be a hell of a journey til’ I’m where I wanna’ be in this life.

Nah that’s definitely a solid plan it’s all on what you’re comfortable with, I’m definitely excited for that. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small.

Wish I could have met and worked with X. His friend who played guitar for him John Cunningham would be great to do a song with! Probably a collaboration with some metal bands and do rock music down the line, I would probably just wanna’ work with as many people in my playlist. All genres, and especially Post Malone! Almost met him so many times but I’m always there a day or few hours late to the Rainbow [Bar and Grill] on Sunset where he hangs out often.

RIP the young legend. Honestly you and Post could be super sick too. What’s the top 5 things you can’t be in the studio/recording without?

Weed. A drink to keep the throat quenched. Snacks, can’t record with growling stomachs. Liquor is sometimes cool but not when we really want a song done. Lately the Switch and positivity!

Essentials absolutely my friend. I always like people’s answers to that. What’s your number one goal in music at this point? Do you have a message or certain things you wanna’ accomplish?

Few things. Mostly to follow my dream I’ve had since I was a kid to just do something in life with music. It’s always music music music when it comes to me. To make music people will enjoy and I can be proud of. To be able to travel, meet new people, have fun. Also help! A lot of rich people wasting money on themselves, If I had the money big name artists have I would be able to share my wealth with people who could use my help! My music is my journal, my diary. Especially the sad shit I like to sing about, if it can share a bond with someone that’s goals.

Nothing better than leaving something that lasts forever. I think that’s definitely a great thing. Music aside for a moment, what keeps you going outside of it? What keeps you going when you aren’t creating?

The small family I have, few handfuls of trusty good friends, loving girlfriend and as much as I have days where I wanna’ quit everything I know I can’t because I can’t quit now, not soon. It’s too early to turn the game off, the best parts happen when the hard work is done.

Hard work always gonna shine and I can definitely agree a lot, for most of us this is all we have so we gotta keep going. One of the last questions I had for you was who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

1) Eminem

2) XXXTentacion

3) Falling in Reverse

4) MCR

5) Lil Wayne

I know it’s a weird list but I have my reasoning why for each.

That list is absolutely gas, explain your reasons.

Eminem was the first artist who helped me deal with my mom abandoning issues. She left when I was 13, came back around 16 but at that point to this day I feel like I lost my mother. She’s now in my life mostly because I’m there for my step sister but I don’t see her as a mother, more of just someone I know. Plus he got me into rap. So did Lil Wayne, especially his album Rebirth! Omg big big influences that album rock and hip hop it was ahead of its time. Falling in Reverse because Ronnie is such a sick ass vocalist with amazing song writing skills and also the mom abandoned issues I could relate to. MCR because MCR! Haha I wouldn’t have been an emo kid without the GOAT’s and X not only for his music but his spiritual mind and good heart.

Literally such great influences of our generation for sure that’s such a good list. Before we sign off do you have any shout outs or last words of motivation?

Shout out to everybody who’s ever supported me and my homie GrungeJoe. Big shout out to GrungeJoe. He’s the guy who’s been on this ride with me every step of the way that’s a true homie. The super Stan’s who get super hype when we drop a song and wanna’ hear more and to every artist out there, let’s get this bread players and win at life.

Couldn’t have said it any better honestly my friend. Thank you for taking the time out and UVC is definitely gonna’ keep an eye out.