Short, yet vibrant and sweet clocking in at just under 2 minutes, 10Cellphones in conjunction with ​dontsleep ​and Neilaworld’s ​fadedblackid ​take the listener on a buoyant and hazy listening experience on the recently dropped track ​Real. 10Cellphones mixes up the track with the combination of a simple and alluring repetitive hook and dense succinct bars in the body of the track.  

The production by ​dontsleep ​and ​fadedblackid​ is real smooth and airy, with the most notable sound to strike your eardrums are these type of reverbing, dainty keyboard melodies atop of the booming 808s. Introducing these instrumentals to 10CellPhones’ bass filled vocals results in a product that is ultimately hypnotic and can seemingly put you in a calm, sedative, body high state due to the slow tempo yet catchy vocal delivery.  

Lyrically, the most notable part of ​Real, as mentioned before, is the repetitive hook, long ringing in your head after the track comes to an end; “[they] be cappin’ they killin me… I know what it is keep it real with me” echoes around on the track for the majority of the duration. The first verse into the track then utilizes captivating recurring lines before transitioning into intoxicating bars; “…she wanna smoke the dope and get fly with me, she wanna dress and get fly with me, she wanna dress and get fly with me”. “Dont give a fuck about fashion, that’s why I keep the glock on me, I fell in love with my 40, I got a glock for my shorty… ride round with the glock on me, ain’t no way that’s you’re stopping me”.  

There’s innumerable ways to convey the fact that 10Cellphones, dontsleep, and fadedblackid concocted sonic alchemy with this track creating a piece of gold, but I have my preferred way – run it up.