Observably a jack of all trades, Christian Hernandez or “Alexander Heart” as his IG handle will lead you to believe, has a body of work displaying eye catching photos, graphics, and clothing. I’m familiar with Christian really only through social media, where I consistently see pieces of cover art for local artists, a multitude of flyers for pop ups he and his team frequent, and general content for his collective ​heART. I had a brief chat with him to get past the wall of mystique, pick his brain about his craft and to ask him about the role he plays as an artist.  

Who are you?

Christian Alexander Hernandez

What kind of creative would you consider yourself (I’m hesitant to assume you’re one thing over another)?

I like a lot of shit, I try to express myself in many ways, but I’m known for my graphic/apparel design work.

How long have you been doing graphics for?

I’ve been design [sic] for 4 years.  

When did you first start gaining attention for them (as I see you’re always doing cover arts and flyers)?

I’m not sure honestly, I’d say maybe after my first year.

What can you tell me about ​heART? What was the inspiration for it and how long have you been part of it?

heART is a collective of four individuals. We do whatever the fuck we want to do and reach out for our goals in the way that best suits us as individuals. The brand is one way we can express that to the world with hopes that it inspires others to do the same.

Seeing as you do a tonne of work for musicians in the scene here, how important do you feel it is to have art, clothing, and visuals coincide with music?  

Presentation is key, if you can deliver a whole cohesive project with all of the different art forms like clothing, music, artwork etc. then it’s a great project.  

What is your proudest moment thus far with all these things you’ve curated/ created?

It was at the “Have Fun Fuckers” pop up, a young kid that came up with his dad to asked to buy some of our shirts. That shit was cool.

Are there any pertinent people a part of your process?  

My family and friends for sure, when I’m lacking anything creatively or just in life they definitely come in to give me that push. They motivate me to do better.

Finally, are there any big things you have planned now that 2019 is on the horizon?

Rebirth; to put it into one word lol

Check out Christian on Instagram @cvrlyfvck_ as well as the collective @he.ARTgallery