BoyBothered is a Florida artist making a name for himself and won’t let anything stop him in 2019. Take a dive into his story in the UVC exclusive sit down.

So first thing’s first tell me how old you are and where you’re from.

I’m 22, born and raised in Broward County FL, moved a lot growing up. Always stayed around the same Plantation/Lauderhill/Sunrise area. People from Broward will know where I’m talking ‘bout.

Florida really coming up so hard right now. How was it growing up there?

I mean, I moved a lot. I lived in some nice spots and some not-so nice spots. In Broward it’s weird. I always tried to make friends where ever I’d go, and I feel like people liked me for the most part but I moved too much to really make a plan or a lot of real friends. But I’m proud of where I’m from that’s for sure.

That’s such a good way to look at it. Who were some early musical influences for you growing up?

On the hip hop side I would say Tech9ine, Kid Cudi, Eminem, and I wanna say Mac Miller and even Wiz but that was definitely a little later on. On the alternative side Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Gorillaz. A lot more to but those are just some that come to mind.

Absolutely fire list and I kinda expected those sounds from you. When did you first start getting into making music?

Released my first song in April of last year, I sat on it for a few months before I released it. I always wanted to make music. I had friends that did too. I always wrote. But I overthink a lot and never really reached out to anyone ‘till last year.

At what point did you realize you wanted to take it seriously?

I didn’t start until I wanted to take it serious, I thought about this for a real long time. I followed the whole underground scene in Broward, I supported them and still do. I reached out to my producer Exintoz, he posted something on his story about studio time. Chopped it up and here we are. A few months ago I set up the studio in my crib with another artist from Broward, Envious, that’s my dawg. I’ve been supporting him and his music for a long time, and he became my engineer. We been in the studio a lot lately and I feel like from recording with Envious I’ve seen the quality of the music has gotten better, I know when I link with him soon he’ gon’ come correct, so I gotta come correct. I can’t knowingly make garbage music. That’s always been my thought process from day one.

“… I know when I link with him soon he’ gon’ come correct, so I gotta come correct. I can’t knowingly make garbage music. That’s always been my thought process from day one.”

That’s exactly what I like to hear. You definitely get better with each drop as well. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released?

Made? Probably this song I recorded the other day, I think I’m gonna’ call it ‘Dopest Dope I’ve Ever Smoked’ but I don’t know yet, or maybe this song I’m about to release called ‘Tolls’ featuring Envious, my hook on that song is whatever, verse goes kinda’, but Envious murdered it lol.

The newest usually the best for real. What’s your song making process like? How long does it take you to fully make a song?

At the beginning I would just take old notes I wrote from years ago and put them to beats which obviously was not ideal, but now I kinda now the vibes I can take, so I go see Exintoz like once a week, go through beats, cop a pack. I be at the gym every day around 5 AM, sometimes later. At the end of my workouts when I hop on the treadmill I throw on my beats, and start flowing. I want to have enough music stockpiled to be able to release a song every week by June or so. I would say it could take me a day or a week to write a song. I don’t rush the writing process anymore.

That’s such a good process though honestly because it shows progress for sure. What are the top 5 things you need in the studio, things you can’t record without?

Vibes are number one, that’s why when I link with Envious the process is so smooth because the energy is genuine. I got my booth, it’s pretty unique, I love it. I think that’s pretty much it. All I need is my booth, my engineer, and Imma make some quality. I try not to smoke or drink or anything if I know Imma record but it doesn’t always work out that way.

I definitely feel you on that, whatever makes you comfy is best. What are your plans for this winter season and 2019?

Plans for 2019; by February I’d like to have a music video or two in the works, I’ve got a lot of ideas, a bunch a features on the way, maybe an EP around summer and before the end of the year I’d like to have 100k plays on something . That’s definitely a big short/long term goal I have that I feel is super attainable.

Absolutely is and I think that’s definitely the way to go for you. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future, big or small?

On the bigger side of things probably Tyler the Creator, Asap Rocky, Shakewell, Pouya, Billie Ellish, I could go on for a while there. On the smaller side, I would love to work with Prxjek, Ikabod_Veins, Reddish Blu, some that come to mind.

All of them could be so insane, I definitely like those names a lot. What’s your number one goal in music?

Making something that never dies.

Simple but meaningful. I think you’ll definitely achieve that just fine. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going outside of it? What keeps you sane when you aren’t recording?

Sane? I don’t know, I work a lot, I think to myself a lot at work, “What am I doing here 50 hours a week grinding?”, but I just know if I do it now I won’t have to do this next year. Constant progression keeps me sane.

Whatever works. I see you always on the grind so as long as it helps it doesn’t matter. One of the last questions I had for you was if you got filthy rich what would be the first thing you would do?

Put my homies on. No hesitation. Then Imma get myself right.

Once again literally it’s that simple and I like that a lot. Straight facts my friend. My last question is who are your absolute most favorite top 5 artists of all time?

Top 5 of all time, in no order; Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and Eminem.

Definitely stacked. Any last shout outs or words of motivation before we sign off?

Big shoutout to my brother, my producer Exintoz , Big shoutout to my dawg Envious y’all should go follow those talented individuals. Shoutout to y’all for this, much love. Before the years over things will be different, very different. Thank you yo.

Absolutely huge huge shout out to the squad and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on BoyBothered. Thank you for your time brother, our pleasure.