A new face to the scene is always welcomed. CRYLITTLESISTER (@crylilsismusic) is an artist from Pennsylvania, who we are introducing you to today with his fresh UVC exclusive track “Divine”. This track features the likes of Idle Tears (@idle_tears), an artist with tonnes of character.

This song features an extremely soothing production with an almost ambient feel to it. Combined with the snares and hi-hats in the track, it gives an atmospheric effect that feels like you are floating in space. Vocalization from both artists only add to the feel and atmosphere of the song. CRYLITTLESISTER’s voice adds to the beat and almost makes it himself an instrument of his own. Idle Tears continues to show his vocal range when his part finally begins to come in and soothes us with some clean high-octave notes. While CRYLITTLESISTER is still relatively new to the scene, he is bracing for a strong start. Be sure to check out the track down below and tell us what you think of this fresh face to the scene.