California based powerhouse opened up about his beginnings, favourite music and what drives his passion for his art in this exclusive UVC interview.

First of all let everyone know who you are and what you do.

6GLOCKS – I’m an artist Living in Sacramento, CA. I’d say I’m from FL but I’m not really from anywhere lol I currently just make music and live off that shit. Low-key hard at times. I make pretty boy music like my shit based af but it’s a refined based. Like if Slick Rick had a kid and that kid only listened to Gucci Mane growin’ up lol.

That’s a pretty good description actually lmao. You say you’re living off your music, how was it making that move?

Lmao right but yeah shit was hard I was working 2-3 part-time jobs like 6 months ago and some shit happened that kinda made me say fuck it. So I just be posted now making money at home but shit is way hard to be honest lol stressful af.

Got to be worth it though, devoting that much time to your music. How did you get started making music?

Hell yeah not gonna’ lie I be feelin’ like shit when I’m at the crib and don’t record so it kinda forces me to. And I love making music I just be lazy af sometimes lol but I been “rapping” or whatever since as long as I can remember like elementary/middle school especially. I used to freestyle a lot. But like actually recording and creating a song and shit, I’d say the first time was 2014-2015.

My niggas Don Suave, he’s an artist too, he got me into it. We been bruddas since lil ass jit days and when I moved back to CA [in] 2014 we just linked up and he finally got me in the stu.

The song was ass lol but from there it’s like I became addicted. It started like maybe every other weekend I’d come over to record then it was every weekend until eventually I got my own mic and I started recording everyday like 2016-2017. 2013 before I moved to CA again I was living in West Palm Beach, Florida. When I was over there the people I met and became friends with or whatever def inspired me to want to create music. I was just on some dumb shit when I was living there and never did.

Everyone’s first song is usually ass lmao we all gotta start somewhere. How do you feel you’ve progressed musically since the beginning?

Big facts and man bruh I’ve progressed so much. I don’t think it’ll ever stop. Every song I make I feel like is better than the last and if not I scrap it right away. It’s weird like I don’t like to think too much about things and I’m kind of sloppy but at the same time I’m a perfectionist. Before I record when I hear a beat I already know what it’s supposed to sound like or how I want it to. And I just go off that. And as far as mass appeal, I definitely made some waves last year and 2017 especially. The whole SSX is progressing we just move in silence. But not to sound cliche this year Ima go even harder. I need to win this year. Something need to happen.

That’s the best way to be dude always progressing. Speaking of this year you got anything major planned? Any big projects?

Bless bro and shit my man Keyboard Kid just hit me literally rn lol we gotta 2nd tape coming soon we gon’ start workin’ on asap. I got a lot of shit with my bro Ethereal like an unreleased song and then some vids. I plan on doin’ more shows this year as well still tryna figure that all out. Got the first show of the year though in LA with the gang BBY Goyard, Goji, Driip, Josen, FBK, Turbo, etc. on January 25th hosted by a rare shop and then the boys from Newest Mag and USVSWorld so that’s def something that anybody and everybody who in LA that night need to pop out for.

Shit you already got a lot going on, that LA show gonna go crazy. How did you start working with Keyboard Kid?

Bro I been a big fan of his since like I wanna’ say middle school maybe high school for sure. I grew up here in North Cal so I grew up on niggas like The Pack and Lil B. Lil B my favorite rapper. And Keyboard Kid is definitely my favorite producer. I hit him before just paying homage and he was real nice and then one day I just like finally hit him for the work. I was tired of all the same sounding beats I was getting and I been known he had the sauce, and I just asked to work and he was just so humble and welcoming just an all around cool fuckin’ guy. Any artist that wants to invest in themselves and there music for real work with a fuckin’ legend man I’m tellin’ you he’s the best. But ever since our single “Ride 4 U” and the Raining Glocks tape we been tight af that’s my bro.

That’s lit as fuck you ended up working close with someone you look up to. Are there any other producers you like working with?

Yes bro it’s a blessing for real and yee I love working with my brother @gdayjvles, we didn’t much this last year but we definitely are going to a lot [in] 2019. Gonna’ be working a lot more with another based producer @hiiirolll we just made a song last night and it’s flames. There’s a lot of producers that I fuck with heavy. I consider them more than friends; they my bro’s, they make all this shit possible for me so just to list a few: @ProdbyCamglo @ETHEEEREAL @prodtyson @brokeboymax  @BeatzByICYY @CpainBeatz @ProdbySora @prodn2x @proddontsleep @rangerlacave @khroam

These guys all know exactly what I can do and what styles I need from them, and they’re all so different and unique and fye in they own way.

That’s a solid roster of producers. Any current artists you really want to collab with?

To be honest not really. Just you know of course some legends I’d love to work with but naa. I would love to do something with Blueface lmaooo like I don’t know why I know me and that nigga would be clean together. He the only LA nigga that can get on Bay beats right way I feel like. I used to lowkey make Bay Area music for fun when I was a jit.

For real most people don’t make bay shit like they used to. Tell me about SSX.

Facts bruh you know wassgood. But SSX is my brudda @BBYGOYARD shit that him and my nigga @MajinBlxxdy made and I was real close to them both so it kinda just happened. They came up with the name and everything. They just made me one of the main guys cause I put on for SSX hard af. To me it’s more than a collective of talented artist/producers etc. It’s like a family for real. Even though we don’t talk all the time we all brothers and at the end of the day we all support each other 100% and I think that’s why we made a name already in such a short time. We stay running each other up and puttin’ people on to each other. We literally just made this last year type shit so I already know we gon’ blow up soon. As far as the roster goes to be honest some people left, no bad blood, just niggas wanting to be solo solo. But I wouldn’t want to try to list everyone and miss some people. But the main artists are @BBYGOYARD @MajinBlxxdy myself @704Texako and @gdayjvles.

“Even though we don’t talk all the time we all brothers and at the end of the day we all support each other 100% and I think that’s why we made a name already in such a short time. “

Super talented artists for sure. Any plans for a 2019 SSX tape?

Shit to be honest nothing [has] been talked about but we should. If I’m being honest I don’t see it happening soon but I’ll make an SSX tape this year and if anyone in SSX wanna be on it fine but niggas be busy so I wouldn’t really count on it. If anything it’d be me and a few SSX producers.

Look forward to hearing what you put out! 5 years from now where do you see your music career being?

Thanks bruh and shit I see myself hopefully having one by then lol a successful one. Ahaha for real though like I really don’t know but I hope my music career at that point has reached a level where I can finally be able to take care of my family and loved ones the way I always wanted to. I wouldn’t say I’m in it for a bag, or at least just a bag, but from hella young I been known or at least had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life. So I just hope to make that happen and make that my full time “job” or however you wanna describe it.  Everyone tells me to stay down and my time coming blah blah blah so I’ll just stay down until I see it. I want SSX to be a household name like I want everyone to know about the group like I said; I believe everyone of us too talented to not be noticed.

I hope my music career at that point has reached a level where I can finally be able to take care of my family and loved ones the way I always wanted to.

For sure that’s the dream, the way you going it’s totally possible too. Going back to SSX what does the name stand for?

SSX stands for Stix Shooters Xtreme. BBY Goyard came up with it pretty fye eh lol. I wanted to [give a] special shout-out [to] my boy Memphis @mxmphy I know u didn’t ask but this man is literally my brother in this music shit and yeah I definitely owe a lot to this man. That’s my bestie had to shout him out lol.

Pretty fire bet! When you get into the studio to record what are somethings you need to give the best performance?

Ahaha well first things first I just need to be in the right mood. I can’t come in like with anything else on my mind, and I need a blunt lol. I stay Smokin so I need like at least a wood or a Dutch to get myself right. Maybe a lil’ personal henny too lol. I wouldn’t say I need these things but it’s sort of become like a ritual of sorts so it’s become like my routine. I also feel like I record better or have even more confidence when my girl is around me, so whenever she down I keep her around when I record as well.

I know what you mean need to get yourself in the right headspace. Looking back on all the music that came out in 2018 what were some of your favourite releases of the year?

Exactly. And definitely WAYNE GRETZKY. I personally feel like that was my standout single of the year with my bro @ETHEEEREAL and then we made a quick lil’ vid off my phone for it lol, dropped it on @lnternethippy YouTube channel. I dropped a lot of music that was overlooked as well, I dropped 5 tapes this year. But other favorites are Lena (prod Stoopixool and @prodtyson) and then IG Model (prod @ProdbyCamglo).

All solid picks. Aside from making music how do you spend your time?

Honestly I’m just with my daughter like 24/7 she’s my bestie. Just raising her and playing with her nonstop. My life pretty “boring” now but I like it this way ahaha. Ever since I had my kid I’ve been out of trouble and I’m tryna keep it that way. I be posted I still be chillin’ with the gang from time to time though.

That’s gotta be a good motivation. So what’s the next big step you hope to make musically?

Oh hell yeah man I do this in hopes of being able to provide for my immediate family and hopefully my whole family. I got a big one ahaha but the next big step for me this year is either sign or step it the fuck up and do this independent shit the right way. I saw my brother BBY Goyard sign this year and a few other artist that I’m cool with, and for the most part it’s seemed to benefit their careers and help take them to the next level. That’s what I’m aiming for, so if the time is right and the labels come correct I’m down to sign. Especially if it was a label like @paydayrecords where I know my bro Goyard is being taken care of and shit like that. Makes me a little more comfortable. But if it’s not in the cards I’m gonna keep shit pushing and take from the blueprint of the underground niggas before us who did this shit the independent way. Expect more shows (I’m working on setting one up on fuckin’ Montana for March lol), merch, and a lot more music being pushed. 2017 I was literally recording everyday and 2018 I took a step back to sort of let things happen naturally. Not to say it was a bad year or anything, but this year I plan on goin’ full throttle balls to the wall. No stepping back, no biting my tongue and definitely no breaks. Whatever I want this year I’m taking it.

That’s the kind of drive a lot of artists need for real, that kind of passion is how you make moves. Switching up a bit if there was only one album you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?

Thank you bro facts I believe so too. And shit that’s a hard one my dude lol if Ima be honest it’s gonna have to be 50 Cent – The Massacre lmaooo for two reasons;

1. It was the first album anyone ever bought me, like my first album ever as a jit. My dad bought it for me and it was so random like he don’t like rap like that that much lol he just knew 50 was my favorite rapper. That’s the og right there.

2. It took me awhile to think about it cause there’s a lot of more “classic” albums that I would hate to live without I’m talking like shit I heard my parents bump; KC and Jojo, The Isley Brothers, Sade, Marvin Gaye, Smokey. And they all have classic albums I love. But 50 Cent – The Massacre is a classic in its own now in my opinion. And it has a little bit of everything like there some hard fuckin’ songs on that bitch of course but there’s some jazzy shit on there as well like So Amazing, Build You Up, even God Gave Me Style. It’s like some real harmonizing on that bitch bruh and my favorite song probably (and it’s hard to choose) on the album is Get In My Car. Or In My Hood. Or Gatman and Robin lol I don’t know bruh the whole album fire.

Solid fucking answer bro, thanks for giving a reason too, most people don’t. Before we wrap up the interview you got anything to plug or any words of wisdom for the people reading?

Just want to thank everyone who’s ever listened to my music. All my supporters who fuck with me right now when I’m not shit yet, it’s deeply appreciated and I love you all. And I guess stay humble. Appreciate what you have life, is short unfortunately. So yeah thank you for the interview fam for real for real much love I fuck with you guys tuff.

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