Recently dropped January 9th, Arizona artist Kill Stacy teams up with other Crow Life member Lil Prada to deliver a punchy back-to-back team effort of gritty and hard hitting lyrics atop sour, glitchy abrasive keyboard notes courtesy of producer Zane.  

Stacy and Prada undoubtedly strike ears on this track like they’re yin and yang. Stacy harboring this light upbeat levity to his vocals, all the while Prada has this darker abrasive edge to his. The two go on for about 2 minutes establishing this rapport full of flows and clever bars; Stacy goes in each verse with a quick, tongue twisting flow, with Prada delivering lines in a slower tempo but not sacrificing any sort of “in your face” energy, especially with Prada delivering the titular line “We at the show bitch don’t talk shit, I got my glock in the moshpit”.

“We at the show bitch don’t talk shit, I got my glock in the moshpit”

That’s just the start as far as memorable and dirty bars go, especially with bits in the track like “..this ice on my neck got me catching pneumonia…” and “…put a hole in your partner two dicks in your mama…”. ​Glock in the Moshpit features this real gritty and alluring symbiosis between Kill Stacy and Lil Prada, with an insane level of replay value and ear worm merit. Run it up.