Fluxd is a producer making all sorts of waves. We sat down to talk about what’s in store for him in 2019 in this UVC exclusive.

So first off where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from a super small town in British Columbia, Canada called ‘Fruitvale’. Definitely a pretty conservative place in its own little bubble. I just turned 21 a few months ago.

Canada has so much talent coming out of there right now it’s crazy. Tell me about what it was like growing up there.

Honestly as a kid it was super sweet, there’s lots to do here when your younger and spending lots of time outdoors was great. Most people here, at least where I’m from are pretty set in their ways and not super open to new ideas. I’ve always had a drive to get away from here and go somewhere bigger.

Yeah I feel that a lot my hometown extremely uncultured as well. Who are some of your early music influences? What did you listen to growing up?

I grew up listening to bands like Simple Plan, Green Day, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance and Billy Talent. I remember my mom got me a Simple Plan CD when I was like 6 and I would sing it in my room everyday haha! As I got into high school my friends started showing me lots of underground hip hop artists from BC like Madchild and Snak the Ripper. Went to a few shows and became hooked on the whole culture.

That’s so sick I like those names a lot, such classic groups. So coming into the culture at what point did you decide to make music?

I actually never really started making music until about 5 months ago. I was in a few bands when I was younger but we never really made any original pieces. I pretty much put down music all together throughout all of highschool as there wasn’t really any scene here at all. It wasn’t until my homies Matt Blacc and KRO started really getting into it that I started to give it a shot for myself. Even when I wasn’t making music I was always doing something creative like web design or graphics. So in a way I’m not surprised I really found a passion for producing.

That’s so sick you found your way. I’m glad you stuck with it definitely that’s what I like to hear. What’s your favorite song you’ve made or released?

Yeah man I was never really sure what I was gonna do but since I found music I definitely feel like I found my calling haha! My favourite track I’ve produced is Every Night & Day with Yung $eth, which is crazy because it’s actually the first song I was able to get someone on my beat. I have an unreleased track with my vocals on it that I’m actually quite proud of as well. Can’t wait to get that one out to the world. I actually like most of my earlier beats the most because I didn’t really know what I was doing so they are all pretty experimental. In a way I wish I could go back to that mindset of just playing around and making it my own way with no rules.

The first is always a good feeling absolutely and vocals are something I wanna get into as well so that’s gonna be exciting for sure. I definitely know what you mean with the freestyle mindset with making a beat. It happens sometimes for me but not as often anymore. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future, big or small?

Exactly man, as much as beats can convey a feeling I feel vocals are the best way to really get a message out there. I’d have to say number one artist I want to work with is YAWNS, extremely talented all around musician and I swear everything he touches turns to gold. I’d also love to work with other talented artists like PARIS or even Billie Eilish. As much as I love rap, seeing people that can actually sing raw is crazy. I just feel like those 3 have so much pure talent that being in a room with them would be a crazy learning experience all together.

Love that list a lot, you could make heaters with any one of them. With 2018 coming to a close, what are your plans for 2019?

For 2019 I’d really love to get out a few singles along with some videos. A few close friends have also been discussing an EP project we might collab on, so that would be big for us. I’d also like to work on trying to put on a few shows with our crew and really try to get the music scene around these parts going. Try to create the scene we never had growing up and show people from around here what’s really possible. All in all I’d really like to work on learning more and more as I’m still fairly new to this whole industry.

That’s so solid can’t wait. UVC definitely going to keep an eye out and pushing the culture & underground is our goal so I’m 100% with you. Who inspires you and your sounds right now?

Definitely heavily inspired by Lil Peep right now, as I know many people are. Just the whole direction he started taking his music really opened up my eyes to what’s possible. I also consider myself very inspired by nostalgia, watching anime and back when I was younger definitely sparks something in my brain to be creative. I’m always looking for new things to inspire me too, and am making a conscious effort to be inspired by different aspects of nature.

Wow couldn’t agree more. Definitely good to have those things that keep you crafty. Music aside for a moment what keeps you going outside of music? What keeps you going when you aren’t in the studio?

Okay so my whole life I’ve always had people around me telling me they knew I was going to be successful one day. I feel blessed that I was surrounded by that kind of positivity but it also created a lot of stress, always trying to impress people. My whole life what I really wanted to do was be a professional snowboarder which everyone thought was crazy. I feel like all the people that once said I would be successful began to lose faith as I got older and older and they realized I was different. I knew I wasn’t going to school and knew I wasn’t going to work a regular job but my snowboard career never worked out, I got some pretty serious injuries and probably can never compete again. So what keeps me going is knowing that I have all these people that had faith in me and I basically threw it all out the window. So in a way I feel like I need to prove them right, that they were right to believe in me and I won’t fuck this up again.

That’s some heavy inspiration I’m sure people can relate to that a lot as well. You’ll definitely keep your word and I think you’re certainly on the right path. What’s your ultimate goal in music? What’s your number one message?

My ultimate goal in music is to be able to motivate people by example. To show people that what’s really “cool” is to be yourself. To show people that it’s really possible to follow your dream no matter how many people don’t think it’s possible. I just don’t want anyone out there to feel like they are truly alone, that no matter how lonely things seem there are people out there that understand you. But at the same time make people realize it’s alright for no one to understand you, that you’re on your own path and not everyone will “get you” and that’s alright.

Amazing message for real. Absolutely agree. Now one of my last questions for you was what would be the first thing you did if you got filthy rich?

I’d have to say if I got filthy rich very first thing I’d do is travel the world and try to visit as many different places as possible. As I grew up in such a small bubble experiencing different cultures and seeing how people from all around the world live would truly be an experience. Then whichever place was my favourite, I’d buy a mansion for me and the homies.

Lol yup that’s exactly perfect goals for sure. I would love to travel a lot more definitely. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

I think my favourite of all time would definitely have to be MGK, Mac Miller, Peep & My Chemical Romance. Each one of these artists helped me through a certain time in my life and I dream that one day I can help people through music like they helped me. Mac brings me back to highschool days with the homies, MGK reminds me of when I first got my apartment just being lonely af, trying to make something of myself. Peep makes me look forward to the future and  MCR reminds me of being a kid and not really caring or stressing about anything. There are other artists I listen to regularly, but in terms of impact on my life, those are definitely my favourite.

Damn that’s a powerlist. I was actually just talking about how a lot of artists got me through really crazy times with their music so I know what you mean absolutely. Before we sign off do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts?

Yeah man I’ll never get over how crazy the power that music can have on someone’s life. Definitely shoutout to Matt Blacc and Yung KRO, definitely wouldn’t have found my passion for music without those two. Also shoutout to any kids that haven’t found their passion yet, nothing makes sense day to day but I swear one day all the dots will align and everything will make sense.

Perfect words from a young future legend. This was our pleasure thank you for taking your time out.

Thank you man, means a lot! Was great to talk about some of this stuff with ya, definitely appreciate your time! Peace!

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