Ryder Johnson is spearheading a sonic revolution from Jonesboro, Arkansas. His production style is equivalent to playing any extraterrestrial-themed video game on the highest difficulty setting. This self-taught producer’s melodies are an ethereal escape, and his bold percussion keeps listeners grounded. Ryder Johnson’s produced for artists like D Savage, Ed RiCH, Chxpo, Jurp, Honcho Da Savage, Lite Fortunato, Freshie, I$AIAH/isaiah, nappy 01’ and so on. Continue reading to learn about his production history, preferred beat selling/music platform, future plans and more.

“Damn, Ryder, you did this shit, boy?”

– Bg Illie

I think it’s safe to say Roscoe Dash greatly influences your production style. Nah, I’m just playing. Does Arkansas influence any of the music you create?

Lmao, but no not really. Nobody here is making anything that sounds like me. There are a few producers I’m cool with like Taylor Morgan and Trey Lewis. They are really the only ones I know about around my area. Arkansas music scene isn’t really popping; most people are still stuck back in 2008 styles.. sadly.

When you were about 12 years old you found yourself with FL10. How did this come about?

I was listening to instrumentals while on Xbox live when I was younger with friends because we would do stupid freestyle things and I think I just caught an ear for it and started to really just listen to the instrumentals in the back, I looked up on YouTube how to do everything I’ve learned to this day.

You produce EDM and trap music but have recently focused more energy on the latter. Do your “alien-sounding beats” stem from your experience with EDM production?

Yes I’d like to say that has an effect on it, I’ve always made weird melodies though

You have over 77,000 views on your YouTube channel and posted a picture (Twitter) in September with over 100,000 plays on your SoundCloud page. Which platform is more important to you as a producer?

Honestly, YouTube is. I believe I get more credit and recognition on there because I’m the sole uploader. When somebody is listening to my video on YouTube they know it’s me and 100% me.

What’s the importance of having your own sound in music production and beat-making?

I’m not sure on this one, I tend to think I have my own style and sound on things, I take inspiration though.

What’s it like being able to produce music in an actual music studio?

It’s so much better than my bedroom haha, it’s a lot of energy and way better than sending emails all day that’ll most likely get ignored haha.

Do you have a favorite placement so far?

D Savage or Cashbently.

What did you contribute in the beat collaboration with Kee Bangin on “FiRST PLACE” by Ed RiCH?

That’s a really old beat I think I made the melody on it and the draft of the drums, and Keebangin did his magic like always and made it crazy.

What’s your biggest pet peeve surrounding production?

Sending emails by far, I usually have zero to no energy for it but I know I have to right now until I’m in a position to go to studios all the time.

What artists and/or producers would you like to work with in the future?

Comethazine, ZillaKami, BasedTJ, Lukrative, Shoki, Callari, more Cash Bently 100%, D Savage, Stacy Money, SahBabii, Lucki, EyeKeem and nappy 01’ are the first that pop up in my mind.

What goals/accomplishments would you like to achieve in 2019?

I want more songs with people, especially with people named above, I want to travel more and go to more studios, learn more styles of music and get a song that hits 1 million views.

Who needs a shoutout?

Shoutout to everybody that actually supports me it means everything to me and hope I keep getting support.

You can stream the latest track Ryder Johnson’s production is on below.