Canadian native Quita wants to break boundaries and teach lessons. Come see what he has to offer in this UVC exclusive interview with a unique artist.

First things first how old are you and where are you from?

I’m 17, born 2001, and am from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. I usually tell people I’m from Beacon Hill though, the neighborhood in Ottawa that I grew up in.

Wow alright so tell me about growing up in Canada? What were some of your early years like?

Well I was posted in Beacon Hill my whole life until I moved to Abuja, Nigeria when I was 6 and came back to living in Beacon Hill when I was 10. My life before moving to Africa’s a bit of a blur as I was pretty young but those days were positive from what I remember. Living in Nigeria showed me a lot of messed up shit which now helps me see clearer in a decent amount of situations. But yeah other than that the winters up here in Ottawa are brutal which made my life a bit more interesting growing up.

That’s interesting, I always like to hear about the Canadian experiences. What were some of your first exposures to music?

I was exposed to a wide variety of vibes, going from listening to Fela Kuti everyday to falling in love with Ben Howard’s music who I still listen to religiously to this day.

Wow such extremely different styles, at what point did you start making music?

First time I actually decided to write, make and post a track was at the end of my Grade 9 year, which means I was 15 or so. We won’t talk too much about my music back then though, it was so dumb and ignorant, everyone starts somewhere though.

Exactly, I definitely agree. Did you keep going after that?

Every single day since.

At what point did you realized you wanted to take it seriously?

I always wanted to make a career out of it but I feel like 2018 really opened my eyes to this opportunity as my “fan” base has really been growing but to be more specific, probably when my song “not now <3” popped the hell off a year or so ago. My favorite songs I have posted on my page are definitely Glisten The Past and Sacred Vows, though I have this one unreleased track produced by 93feetofsmoke that I think is quite special

Quita’s self-described breakout track not now <3

Your library is definitely fire and anything with 93 is gonna be great. What are some of your goals for the rest of the Winter and 2019?

My goals for the upcoming months are pretty simple, I’m going to keep pushing my EP Glowing As I Fall, release a single or two a month and just keep doing what I’m currently doing but a step upward. I really hope people will start listening more to my words, I no longer express my emotions through social media or any other outlet so people can purely find out who I am through my music. People who live through mental health struggles can relate, having a safe space to store thoughts is good. Though I can spot the people who are “sad” for the music aesthetic and not actually making music when they are in a dark spot. 2019 is still unexplainable to even me. Things are going to change. I think that’s all I should say

Quita’s recent Glowing As I Fall EP

100% feel you I couldn’t agree more. That’s extremely important for sure. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small?

Honestly anyone from the OG Sad Boys would be a dream, as it is for any living kid with a SoundCloud and a bit of common sense toward the underground. To be more specific though Bladee and I would be quite the collab. Working on Dying as well has some super fire producers I’d love to work with in the future. No matter what though I just need to stay true to myself, if my career is meant to be full of singles, than thats how its going to play out. But if Young Thug pulls up on me in the studio a year or two from now, it’s fucking Game Over.

That’s the kinda answer I like. That’s fire and always gotta get SBE in there. So tell me what your studio process is like? How long does it take you to make a song?

I’m usually baked to be honest. I got a home studio in my basement that I’ve built up over some time. Writing songs comes fairly easily to me, the recording process could take half an hour depending on the style of the song, when other instances I would take weeks to record on some records. Before my stuff really started popping off I did my own mixing, I now have a select group of people I get to mix and master all of my tracks. Trust me though, if you’re good at mixing and have potential, pursue it because it’s a great asset to have if you really grind on it.

It’s always great to have your own method. Whatever makes you comfortable. What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without?

Other than my actual equipment, I don’t need much else. My only reliability is my mood. If my mind isn’t in the correct focus than only a certain amount of work will be done.

Feel you on that a lot. What keeps you going outside of music? What keeps you sane when you aren’t creating?

My girl holds me down a lot but I wouldn’t count that. To be real, nothing other than music keeps me “sane”.  I just have a lot of hatred for myself along with many sorrows that I refuse to expose unless they’re revealed through songs.

I can definitely relate to that and I know lots of others can as well. People are extremely important in everyone’s life. My next question is what is your overall message in your music? What do you want people to know from your sounds?

I want people to gain from my struggles. I want my struggles to be motivation for people. I’ve been inspired listening to songs about heroin addiction even though I’ve never even thought of trying the drug myself. Just listening to such stories involving a shit ton of adversity along with the regular heartaches that everyone gets inspired me to do the same. I want my discography to help and relate with anxious fuckers like me.

That’s definitely relatable to me as well because I recently lost a childhood friend to heroin so I know exactly what you mean. One of my last questions for you was, what would be the first thing you do if you got filthy rich?

I can give you an answer from two perspectives. If I just randomly won the lottery tomorrow than I would put as much money as I can toward perfecting my craft. But if I were to get filthy rich because of this music shit, I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’d do first other than get the fuck out of Ottawa.

Yo honestly facts yeah not a lot of people wanna say they wanna get out of their hometowns so I’m glad you said that. My last question for you is who are your personal top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Honestly after thinking about that for a good minute I’d have to say that there’s only a couple artists who I consider my favorites. Ben Howard would be one as he was pretty much my whole playlist growing up and still even some songs now. Over my more recent years though I’ve really gotten attached to Drippin So Pretty’s music, I even got his writing tatted on my arm.

That’s amazing, I like Drippin a lot as well, how did you guys end up working together? That’s one thing we forgot to touch on.

Well I had been quite into his music for a while, and I’ve had my fair share of drug abuse problems so his song “don’t go back” along with many other songs really touched me. So yeah story is, last December I was 16 and decided to get his handwriting from the original song cover which spells out “don’t go back” tattooed on me. He then saw it and we had a little convo where he payed respects and I was just in shock. Then however many months after I hit him up for a feature and it went on from there. Nothing too special, not going to lie though I knew before dropping it that the song had the potential to do the numbers it did. It was originally a single lol. Thank god I took my verse off and got him on.

That’s amazing I had a similar experience with his music that connection must have been insane. He’s such a huge influencer right now. Now before we sign off do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts?

Shoutout to Gryphon Arthur, we are taking over soon.

Lol absolutely he’s a good ass dude. Thank you for taking your time out for this homie. UVC is gonna keep an eye on you for sure.

Stream Quita’s latest single home plaques [prod. 93feetofsmoke] below.


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