Nekomimi is a rapper who has gained notoriety through her use of anime subject matter mixed with typical rap themes. The cat-girl persona alongside her great music has gained her a considerable following on social media from both anime and rap fans alike. Some of her hits are famous for including things like cat-girls, hentai, The Powerpuff Girls, and Sailor Moon references. In her first ever interview she shows her kind and fun personality while discussing her music.

First thing’s first I’d like to ask how you’re doing Nekomimi?

I’m doing well! How are you?

Doing great thanks! Where are you from and how would you describe your music?

I’m from a small town in North Texas. As far as describing my music that’s a tough question because I feel like it’s all so different depending on my mood! I don’t think there is a specific genre I could put myself in, but I would say that it’s mostly me rapping or singing. I like to make music that makes people feel good and/or loved.

Who are some of your biggest influences musically and what are some of your biggest sources for subject matter?

My biggest influences would have to be Amy Winehouse, Mick Jenkins, Trapo and Robb Banks. My biggest sources for subject matter usually just come from things that I observe happening in my day to day (I’m always taking notes) and from anime, cartoons, [and] folklore. I try to mix my real life and things that inspire me from those sources into one cohesive thing that is relatable to real life situations.

Who is the best Powerpuff Girls villain; Mojo Jojo, The Gangreen Gang, HIM, or Fuzzy Lumpkins?

Ima have to go with HIM just because he was always definitely the scariest one to me lol. I have no idea how they got away with that.

Which of your songs is your favorite to perform? Which is your favorite to listen to?

My favorite song to perform has to be berserk because I can go as hard as I want and the crowds always love it plus the production is amazing for a live show. My favorite song to listen to is Vanilla because I feel like it’s my most beautiful/lyrical song and the production on that one is also incredible. The vocals and production together are beautiful

Nekomimi’s favorite song to perform, beserk

What genre would the anime made by Nekomimi be?

Oh my goodness!!! This is actually a real dream of mine to create my own anime! I would have to go with psychological thriller to its core but I would still like for it to be versatile to the point that it had a little bit of everything.

Which product would you fund; Nekomimi Figurine, Nekomimi Official Cosplay Outfit, or Nekomimi Designed Karaoke Set?

Wow those all sound great actually. Most likely the karaoke set!

You sometimes post your adorable daughter on social media and she seems to have a flair for the arts. Do you think she will grow up to be a performer or creative of some kind?

Thank you so much! Honestly she is so good at everything she does that it’s hard to say. I as an artist would love to see her pursue a career in creative arts! We have recorded songs together but I feel she is too young for me to seriously put her stuff out there and market it for anything other than fun. But she tells me all the time that she wants to be a doctor and is very fascinated by any kind of medical practices. Whatever she decides I believe she is capable of anything and I will support her fully.

Where is your dream location to perform?

Japan!!! Because I need a reason to visit there so badly

Who is one mainstream artist and one underground artist you would like to work with?

Mainstream I would say Robb Banks or Rico Nasty. Underground I have worked with a lot of great artists but I am looking forward to working with Braxton Knight very soon.

What are you usually doing when you come up with your best song ideas?

Usually my best song ideas come when I’m alone and I find a beat that I really like. I will just start freestyling and then it will all just hit me at once. Those are the best moments.

Where do you see Nekomimi as an artist in 2-3 years?

Well honestly I have so much more than I could have ever imagined at this point and I am very happy with that. What I’m really hoping for in that time would to have the means to go on tour so I can meet all of my wonderful supporters and to have the means do the visuals that I want to.

That sounds amazing, I’m sure those aspirations will come true. Go ahead and tell the people what you’ve got coming up and do any shoutouts you’d like and then we’re done!

Currently I am working on a tape with GF Retro and also a tape with Sick Fishscale. I have some upcoming features with Lil Weeb, Kaiyko, Kay P and Dolphins Daughtr. I also have some songs with production from John Mello that I’m really looking forward to.

I would like to shout out sooooo many people… lol… Shout out my beautiful babygirl, Chris and Callie, Falon and Hannah! All my wonderful supporters/mutuals, Negative, GF Retro, Sick Fishscale, John Mello, Kaiyko, Celestia, Knive$56k, Dolphins Daughtr, Midnight Society, Flexshomaru, Swami Mags, Nina Blue, Damaya, Typeone, Perception, K.Kun, Nico Tokyo, YDM, Cameron Everett, all my homies from the Nekomimi Task Force and all my Twitter shorties y’all are beautiful! And shout out y’all for giving me my very first interview! OH SHIT MY GIRLS EVI AND TACE!

Stream Nekomimi’s latest single, asuka langley soryu (prod. John Mello) below.