Demxntia is one of the most talented singers currently rising in the underground scene. Over 2018 he built an incredible audience with over 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and an astonishing amount of SoundCloud plays. He has worked with many of the biggest artists in the underground scene and it won’t be long until you could likely call him mainstream. When he isn’t making you cry with the sheer beauty of his vocals in his serious music, he is making meme rap with a collective known as Dying in the Cut aka DITC. Demxntia’s growth over last year is inspiring and well deserved.

Read what he has to say in this exclusive interview;

To start off with, where are you from and how old are you?

I was born in Tampa, FL. Turned 19 in October. I’m American born Vietnamese.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I change my answers every time I’m asked this LMFAO but Anthony Green, the Weeknd, Jason Mraz, Pierce The Veil, Trey Songz, Frank Ocean and a bunch more I can’t think of off the top of my head. I’m gonna look back at this and regret not saying someone LMAOOO! Stuff from video games. movies and shows also influence my sound like crazy.

Do you think you would be making music in a world without the internet? What would be different for you?

Definitely. The internet makes it way easier but I’ve been playing instruments by ear since I was like 5. I always loved music and I always played it, only started taking it seriously last summer. I’d probably have to make a lot of IRL moves like shows and promotions and whatnot but I’d still be on my same shit tbh.

That’s what I expected. You seem like the type to have the need to make music in your veins. What instruments do you play?

My brothers always played guitar and I was getting pissed off that they kept flexing on me LMAOOO! They went to this music store often so they got a lot of deals, one of which was a free keyboard. Started playing it by ear since I was 5 up until today. In middle school I finally picked up guitar. I didn’t start singing until high school, I just decided I might as well because I could play instruments. That’s also why I hate when people tell me I’m born talented or I’m lucky, because it’s a decade plus of hard work that no one takes into consideration.

The grind really shows in your sound. You can tell it’s pure passion and hard work. You’re a pretty sought after artist for features, you have verses on songs with a lot of the biggest names in the underground right now. Which of these artists do you find yourself listening to the most often?

Actually don’t listen to much music on soundcloud, but I’d definitely say Keshi, Kaiyko, Shini, and Guardin. Shoutouts to all of those guys they’re the homies. 93 is also incredible shoutouts to him as well.

If you could sing a verse for any mainstream artist or band, who would it be?

Definitely Joji, the Weeknd, or 6lack. I’d say anthony green but he’d body me LMFAO I’d rather have him on my track instead. Oh I could probably snap on a track with Pierce the Veil.

You recently tweeted about your experience dropping out of school. I think I can speak for many of your fans and say that we’re glad you chose to focus on music. Was there a “straw that broke the camel’s back” in your decision to make music your main focus?

Honestly I had nothing left. I had went through a bunch of personal shit and I just couldn’t care enough about school to continue. I didn’t even drop out to make music, so don’t get it fucked up like you have to pick one or the other. I was on some fuckery for a while after I dropped out and I was just not happy with who I was as a person. So after that I just decided it’s now or never, all or nothing kinda deal and started learning FL studio and all that good shit LMAO! I was either gonna join my best friend’s MMA team and fight with him, make music, or be a bum. Nothing else.

Well as fun as MMA might be, I think you made the right choice. Do you feel a strong connection to Florida and the music that comes out of there or is it just the place you live?

Not necessarily, Florida’s very mixed and has a lot of different sounds. Me being from FL doesn’t have much to do with how I sound aside from when I rap. South Florida started getting a lot of attention, but north/central/south FL are all very different.

Which of your songs is your favorite to sing?

Probably it kills me, the day you walked away, nobody else, and some unreleased stuff. Those are always fun to sing LMAO.

Which DITC song made you laugh the most while making it?

OH NAWWW LMAO I KNEW THIS QUESTION WOULD COME UP! I was dying when I made SIMP ANTHEM bro you can hear it in the verse I kept that hoe in there.

You use a lot of flowers and plant life in your song covers, do you have a favorite flower?

Yeah I have a couple. Definitely roses, hydrangeas, lotuses, orchids, lilacs. I always helped my mom with her gardening so when I get a place myself I’ll prob have one LMAO.

When you write a song do you sing/hum the melody or write the lyrics first?

Usually I sing or hum first to get the melody, and then I fill it in with words. Sometimes I do both at the same time, just depends on whatever I feel like saying.

What is your favorite cover you have done for YouTube?

Probably XO or fly me to the moon, IDK if the self control one counts, but that’s definitely my favorite.

Ok last question, you get a big budget for a video shoot to do the vid of your dreams, what’s it look like in your mind?

Probably at Vaadhoo Islands, I’d probably recreate the cover of FFX or maybe do something with a lot of FX in the background on some Square Enix shit. I also always thought the intro of KH was fire with the stained glass so something along those lines as well.

Alright that’s the end of the interview thank you so much for your time and your excellent answers! Feel free to give any shoutouts you want to give at the end here.

Shoutouts Sayuw, Le Real, Kron, and Dion for being my first friends after I started making music and shout out all my homies in DITC!

Stream Demxntia’s latest track nobody else below: