A hidden Florida gem has some great accomplishments early in his career and not to many people are familiar with him, so come find out what Little Triste has to offer.

First things first, where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from Florida and I’m 25. I was in Tallahassee ‘til like 3 months ago but I’m basically from Tallahassee. That’s where I started making music.

That’s an amazing southern rise, how was growing up for you? Tell me about your first experiences and beyond.

Growing up was nothing special I guess. I lived in a small town called St Augustine. My earliest songs were just kind of instrumentals based on my early childhood memories of like being in a car seat on my moms bicycle lol so it’s funny you asked that question. They’re floating on bandcamp somewhere.

LMFAO that’s the rare Triste for sure. That brings me to my next question before we get any further, where did you get the name Triste? That is absolutely so unique.

Good looks bro. It’s French for sad.

I like that a lot. So growing up in the south what where some of your first exposures to music? Who were some early influences?

Ohhh man my early influences I hate to even admit it but I definitely liked Eminem when I was like 5 But my early favorites were 50 cent, TI, Lil Wayne, Chingy, J Kwon, Lil Jon lmfao. Also loved Green Day, Guns N’ Roses , Good Charlotte, and shit like that too. I’ve always been like torn down the middle but lately it’s like I don’t have to choose anymore between pop punk/rock/hip hop.

So wow an absolutely huge range of music, at what point did you decide to actually make music? Or decided “I’m gonna make music”? Those are absolute legends so it’s definitely noticeable in your sound and it’s beautiful. Tell us about when you decided to make your first song or even music in general.

I started playing guitar when I was 11 so I’ve been playing music since then just kinda by ear and I took lessons but didn’t really practice like I should have. But as far as producing I started my senior year in high school on GarageBand in the library lol. Then after like 2 years nobody wanted my beats they were too slow and weird so I started rapping on em. My first song I rapped on was right after I went and bought a mic I played a lil guitar loop and put some drums over it and 808s in like 2011.

Hearing you describe that and listening to Midnight, Eleven After is crazy. You’ve come such a long way and have such noticeable progress. What kept you going in your early years?

In my early years I was producing for people like Chris Travis and Black Kray and I was really involved in the underground scene back then and I was just really excited about being a part of something. I made friends over Twitter and shit that I still talk to today.

Those aren’t some light names either, Chris & Black Cray are absolute underground legends. What was that like? That had to be a crazy experience looking back on it.

I just loved their music man I was so happy that they liked my beats and at the same time I was developing my own kind of sound so I would produce the more underground trap stuff for people like that.  Also did a song with Yung Gleesh that was really awesome.

Man that’s the shit I wanna talk about here because nobody knows what you’ve done for the scene. Gleesh isn’t a popular name now but what was it like being involved with him in the earlier days? That’s some rare facts.

It was really dope those were my favorite artists so I was just really excited about having some sort of footprint in that scene.

That’s absolutely fire. You need to be acknowledged for that because it’s super important. So moving forward at what point did you realized you wanted to take this seriously? What was your green light?

Well I was dropping songs all the time and people were starting to catch on. I wrote a song called Dirty Blood and it got some attention (or what was attention for me) and it was a really honest song for me that I was almost embarrassed to release, but my friends liked it. so I was like man if people actually like what I have to say I should say more important things or at least more honest things about my life and how I’m feeling. I just really used to keep the more serious shit on my hard drive and when I realized people would listen to it too I was like I need to do this.

That’s kinda what brings me into my question. Midnight, Eleven After, this project was amazing so I wanna know what happened when you were making it, and literally how did you get to this point because it’s such an acceleration yet nobody knows. Tell me about your process because this album was pure gold to me & a lot of people didn’t recognize it.

I was kind of on a music hiatus ‘cause I just didn’t know where I was going with it so my friend was telling me to just make some more beats where I play guitar over them and I made like 2 songs that I really thought sounded good and came out naturally it was just some kind of moment where everything clicked for me. So while I had that kind of wave going I made the songs on the tape. A couple of them are reinterpretations of songs I had but never dropped. Like the song ‘Like That’ used to be super electronic and I just stripped it down and played the melodies on guitar instead of using synths. I was having a lot of existential crisis type feelings ‘cause I was like my music peak already passed and I didn’t really make anything of myself so I just turned that frustration and doubt and feeling like I’d never be shit into songs.

Then this album came out and it was literally the most underrated thing of 2018. This was seriously some shit I feel like everyone looked over, what’s your next plot after this? Obviously we wanna keep going but what’s your plan?

People will come around I think. I had a beat on my SoundCloud that sat at like 200 plays for 3 years and then shot to 20k in like a week but yeah I’m just gonna keep making music and focus more on quality and being a better musician and trying to translate what I feel through the music. I have songs I’m working on just releasing in due time. Next release is called ‘away from u’ featuring White Silas.

That album showed your potential in my opinion. That shit was really beautiful. Who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future? Big or small?

Thank you so much I really appreciate that for real. That’s my favorite word for people to say about my music. I want to work with Young Thug so bad and Future as far as big artists. I’d love to make a song with Clams Casino or Eric Dingus to be honest. A lot of people honestly I want to work with everyone when the time is right.

Man the Clams collab would be INSANE. Lil Triste got the skill to me so let me ask, what are your plans for the rest of the Winter and 2019?

Just working on some new music I’m gonna drop away from u soon and Definitely another tape for early 2019. Hopefully getting my music out to more people and I’d love to play some shows.

It’s hella dope to see a southern artist doing his own thing in the underground, so lemme ask you what keeps you going? What occupies your time when you can’t/don’t make music?

I’m also a graphic designer/artist so I work a lot doing design to make money. I’ve always done both making all my cover art and covers for other artists.

What makes me hella motivated is when someone says they do this or that for other artists. That means a lot bro and you do a lot more that’s realized for this community. People like you guys built this platform. One of the last questions I had was who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time? Who was your best even to this day?

Top 5 of all time oh shit. Lil Wayne, The Cure, Spaceghostpurrp, Jimi Hendrix, and Future. That’s just how I’m feelin right now lol. I might throw Blink 182 on there and Young Thug on there if I was in a different mood. Hard to decide but yeah that’s what I got.

Mannnnnnnn that’s such a solid crew. You’re amazing library music aside, What do you do when you aren’t making music or doing graphics?

Watch anime, read, practice drawing, play guitar just normal shit I’m real low key I’m not tryna be out every day until I’m doing good for myself or until I’m satisfied with my art.

That’s the way to be. That’s the absolute vision. What’s your favorite project you’ve been involved in?

Probably this last tape “Nightmares” with White Silas. She’s an amazing vocalist and we work together really well.

That project was absolutely amazing. So before we sign off do you have any last words of motivation or shout outs?

Just want to say thank you to anyone who listens to my music especially the people who say I’ve helped them or anything like that. When it seems like there’s no reason to keep going I do it to try to get to one more person like that so yeah that’s really what I want people to know.

It definitely helped me in so many ways, even going over your library last night just always hits me in a different way so i completely agree. Thank you so much for taking this time out and talking with us because you’re an artist that needs a lot more recognition for what you’ve accomplished and what’s to come. Thank you from myself and UVC.

Of course and thank you!

You can find Little Triste’s latest project midnight, eleven after and most recent single away from u below.