Shinigami has finally released his long-awaited album grimworld. This album is full of surprises and shows that there is many good things to come from the young artist. Shinigami is an artist that doesn’t do the conventual thing. He is one that explores multiple genres and shows his versatility through it. This album encapsulates this by having songs that could fall under multiple genres like pop punk, trap, emo rap, and even some songs have nu-metal and metalcore vibes to it.

The album starts out with a soft yet heavy hitting song, Skyfall. In this song he talks about being alone, the loss of friends that only are in it for the money while he is in it for the art and the music. This song is definitely one that could go under the pop-punk category and also have an emo rap feel to it too.

The second song Obnoxious talks about being frustrated with people judging him and thinking they know him. “I don’t care if you think I’m obnoxious”, a line that resonates in the mind as “I’m my own person and you can’t change who I am”. Something that sets Shinigami apart from everyone else as he is taking his own route in the music scene instead of falling under the trap of uneventful and unfulfilling songs that tries to appeal to everyone.

The next song, As Long As We Remember Each Other, We’ll Never Be Apart,  is the single that he put about a month or so ago before grimworld officially came out. The song is still a very good one in the catalog that Shinigami continues to build.

Silent Voices, starts out with a really nice and mellow guitar riff that continues to play throughout the song with a small sound in the background which can be heard as a faraway scream. The song talks about how others are judgemental of his style and how he portrays himself in the limelight, and that all the voices are getting to him and soon he will go insane because of it. The whole album has vulnerability to it and has a message that he is a person and he has doubts, and things do get to him. He doesn’t just push everything away. It does get to your head sometimes and it’s okay to be like that.

Veins – From First To Last, speaks more on the pain he was talking about in the previous song. He talks about how he feels alone and only certain people like his “dear” can make him feel okay. The song features what feels like a multitude of genres like nu-metal and alt-rock with the guitar and drum work but also goes into a little into metalcore with the guttural screams near the end of the song.

I’m Not Worthless, a song starting with the words “This is just a way for me to say my peace”, Shinigami talks about how music is his outlet in life and how sometimes he can’t even speak. Music has always been a good outlet for artists to let out their fits of anger and feelings but no one in the scene right now is doing it like Shinigami is, showing his true self.

The closing track, Runaway, feels like a ballad due to the soft instrumentation and his delivery. The final frustrations he feels are let out all at once about how he regrets all the time he spent with this person and hopes that they don’t forget what he said. How he is stuck under rainfall due to all the pain he is enduring during this process of grieving for his loss.

grimworld. The title says it all. Showing weakness and strength at the same time for letting the world see your pain is something is that Shinigami has pushed in all of his music thou far but never to this extent. The writing in this album is one that encapsulates that mindset and you continue to think about the words he says hours after the fact. Shinigami is an artist that isn’t in the underground scene with a one dimensional sound, he is one that continues to surprise us with not only versatility but with depth and meaning to the art he is creating. I highly recommend you give it a listen and continue to show Shinigami the support he is being given and even more praise beyond that.

Stream the project down below.