Capo is hidden out west in Washington state and catching a lot of steam with a recent performance for Underground Underdogs, we decided to chop it up over the course of a few days. Come see what he’s got planned for the rest of this year and beyond.

First things first where are you from and how old are you?

Im 18 years old and I was born n raised in Seattle.

Seattle is really coming on the map lately. Do you enjoy Seattle or not so much? What was it like growing up there?

I do enjoy seattle a lot, but idk the weather sucks and most of the people there arnt that great. Growing up was an awesome experience though, my dad owned a snowboard & skate shop called SnoCon so my whole childhood i was basically raised by my dads fuck up employees lmao. Not the best role models but I learned alot a young age which is cool i guess. Highschool was awful i got sent to rehab october 2016 for 12 weeks. After getting back i tried school again but hated it so i dropped out senior year and got my G.E.D

Wow so quite the interesting rise in Seattle. At what point did you get into music? Who were some of your early influences you were listening to?

I started making dubstep and trap beats in like 8th grade, after i got really into competitive call of duty and i forgot about music. then like end of sophomore year my friend lucas “pvscale” hmu saying to come check out his new studio. i recorded some random track and it was okay but i had so much fun doing it that i knew i had to go back wirh some actual lyrics. About a year later i made backseat and that was the forst song to get any attention.

Honestly similar to me because I was in the competitive scene for a while as well. So after getting your first sort of traction, tell me about after that, At what point did you know you wanted to take music seriously?

i got invited to join this music group cbx gang and i met one of my bestfriends ultraviolet whos one of the most talented producers ive ever met. we made a song called “pass out” and it got 5k plays really fast and i realized i liked it and wanted to see how far i could take it and when my life is like a movie started blowing up i realized that i wanted to put everything i had into my music so i quit my job and i started making music everyday in my room.

That’s literally sometimes all people need is that one push then it’s go time. I think that’s so fire. I was going to mention My Life Is Like A Movie, what was it like seeing that song grow to what it is? It got played to me a while back through soundcloud’s algorithm and it has stuck with me ever since because it’s extremely powerful.

Thank you i really appriciate that, watching it grow was beautiful because so many people reached out saying it helped them thru rough times and stuff so hearing thst just makes it all worth it.

That really is something special because it did the same for me and I wanted to know what was good with you. So my next question for you is what are your plans for the rest of the winter and 2018?

My plan for winter is to shoot a bunch of music videos try to work on some hinoni merch. Were making new music everyday so expect lots of projects in 2019. I just played my first show tonight in LA so im also hoping to do alot more next year.

I was gonna ask how the show went and by the looks of the footage it went super crazy. That’s so amazing for you and you absolutely deserve it. Who are some artists you would like to work with in the future? Big or small?

Thank you man, it was such an experience. The only artist’s I really hope to work with one day is bladee or uli k

Bladee and Capo could be insane. Speaking of your name how did you come up with it? Is there a backstory behind it?

yeah there is actually haha. When i was in 10th grade i was selling alot of drugs and i felt it was time for me to come up with like an alias. My bro was like ima call myself tadeo, i set bet ill be capo. i made bqckseat and then everyone knew me as capo cuz my homie who dropped the song for me put capo in the title. I realized i needed to differentiate myself from all the ofher capos out there so i added xxo. but yeah my name basically derived from glo gang capo rip.

Damn wow that’s hella interesting, I like that a lot I had a feeling it was something unique. So coming fresh off your performance last night at the UU show in LA, how was that experience?

it was so fun im so thankful i had soda and shame onstage with me hyping the crowd up because i was a little nervous and way too high. Half way through my second song im like falling backwards and i knocked my cup of mud spilling it all over i was so sad. i continued the song but spilled like 100$ lmao. My life is like a movie was the best i think just cause i rememebred every lyric perfectly. The other songs I kept fucking up but it sounded okay.

That’s so fire I’m glad you had a good time but RIP the cup for real. So tell me what your overall goal is in music, do you have anything you wanna accomplish or have any specific goals?

I just wanna make my parents proud to be honest. Goals are to make some merch soon and do more shows. Hopefully i can go on tour or something that would be sick. but for right now im just going with the flow i dont really have much planned besides multiple projects all 2019.

That’s what I like to hear. Keep working because you got a great year ahead of you. Now one of the last questions I had for you was, if you were to get filthy rich, what would be the first thing you would do?

id purchase multiple customized moncler jackets and cop a big house for my mom & dad. id also buy a crib for me and my friends with a nicr studio and food service with house chefs and shit. Also id get a personal plug who only serves me and no one else.

Honestly that’s one of the best lists someone’s had in a while to that question lol. My last question for you is, who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

top favorite of all time probably bladee, uli k, dethklok, blink 182, ecco2k

Gotta have the drain boys in there. I love that list a lot because your sound definitely reflects on it. So before we sign off did you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts?

Hmm honestly I just worry about future generations becoming so influenced by music and the lyrics. I just hope that my music doesn’t turn anyone onto the dangerous drugs that I battle with daily. Smoke weed, try psychedelics, but just stay away from pills. It might seem like we glorify them we really try not to, addiction is like being an abusive relationship.

I couldn’t agree more. The shit is extremely powerful and I like that message a lot. Thank you so much for taking the time out for this.

Stream Capoxxo’s most recent project below.

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