Nic Violets is the mastermind behind an amazing collective of Boston and surrendering area artists & creatives known as Deadlock Riot. We sat down for a few minutes and got to see what’s in store for himself and the crew.

First things as always, tell me a little about where you’re from and how old you are.

I just turned 22 and i’m from a small town in mass called reading. it’s about 15 minutes out of Boston and despite the great school system, it’s the most culturally draining place I could ever imagine.

Lol yeah I hear that, there isn’t too much culture around these parts of the east that’s for sure I feel you on that. Who were some of your early exposure to music and some early favorites?

My taste in music has always been super well-rounded. my dad would play rock and my aunt exposed me to hip-hop. she’d play some old stuff like digital underground. i was really into linkin park, green day, blink-182, nirvana, lil wayne, eminem. the list is honestly so long but i listen to everything besides country.

That’s such a fun upbringing and wide variety. All legendary for sure. When did you first get into creating music? What was making your first song like?

I made my first song in 6th grade with a literal PS2 singstar karaoke mic on mixcraft…when i look back it was all so cringy haha i made like 6 albums until i got to freshman year and stopped rapping to start producing. After producing for a year i said fuck it i wanna start making music again. i’m gonna get better and release something and shock everyone. so i did that. if you hear the first song i ever made you’d be astonished. it was actually in my 8th grade graduation slideshow and it was the most embarrassing thing ever.

It was what? That’s absolutely hilarious everyone’s early days always have some back story too it that they find cringy but that’s absolutely awesome lol. So you jumped around for a bit between each craft and eventually got something that seemed good at the time, at what point did you know you wanted to start taking it seriously?

Dude trust me i picture that day and i laugh my ass off thinking of how nervous i was. and yeah i jumped around and i made some songs throughout highschool but it wasn’t until freshman year of college that i decided to make my first EP and really start putting more time and money into my craft.

That’s awesome high school days must have been a trip. So around college times is when you started picking things up and I heard you’re one of the masterminds behind Deadlock from Connor (@PrettyBoyKelsey) earlier today, tell me about how that brand came about and what’s the move as a collective?

Highschool was wild man, me and my friends were such weirdos to everyone. being a weirdo is way fuckin better though and hell yes. As we speak it’s starting to form into what i’ve been envisioning, we all have a ton of music and content planned out. A bunch of us are moving to la soon and we have a show coming up in January.

Now that’s amazing. All the plans and content have been insane lately and we’re so excited to see what’s to come especially me personally. Deadlock aside, who do you wanna work with in the future? big or small?

Can’t wait till you see it all! i’d love to work with nicholas jandora and gibson hazard (unreal videographer/editor) on videos, smokeasac and metro boomin on production, and i i’d love to make a song with skies for sure.

I can’t even imagine you and Skies on a Smoke production. That’s a stacked lineup for sure. So what are the plans heading into winter and closing out 2018?

That would be such a crazy combo lmao. and i got a bunch of singles and videos to drop. i wanna start working on another EP and then an album for 2019! then we got the deadlock show and the big move across the country early next year.

Amazing. That’s gonna be hella exciting, as far as your current library goes what’s your favorite song you’ve made or released so far?

My newest song space coupe is def my favorite. put a ton of passion into it. but i got a lot of new songs that will be my new favorites.

Space Coupe really revolutionary that joint was too hard but of course that unreleased is gonna take over. What’s your number one goal in music? What’s your message or something you’d like to leave behind in your music?

I’d love to write music for other people and get on the charts. i wanna inspire people to change their mindsets and pursue their passions. if i can invoke a feeling in at least one person a day with my music, I’ve succeeded.

That’s amazing and exactly what everyone’s mindset should be like. Leaving a mark in people is such a great thing with music. What are your top 5 studio necessities? Things you can’t be in the studio without.

I feel like i’m pretty wired in at the studio cuz i run my own sessions so my essentials are pretty basic. 1. water 2. gum 3. phone 4. charger 5. positive mindset

Yeah home studios pretty much make yourself comfy automatically. Tell me about what keeps you going outside of music? What do you like to do when you aren’t creating?

I started a couple clothing brands throughout the years that didn’t do so great and i’d love to try another one in the future. maybe release some deadlock pieces? i also love graphic design. i do cover art and creative direction under a deadlock sister company called DEADbyDESIGN. i also just recently got into doing background acting work for some extra money. im super excited to see myself on netflix next summer when this show airs. other than that i’m pretty into the gym and just kicking back with my friends.

That’s so dope, clothing is always gonna be a great market and your designs are always on point. Someone else in UVC was doing something with Netflix as well so that’s gonna be a amazing for you guys that’s such a great opportunity. Those are great side hustles absolutely. One of the last questions I had for you was what would be the first thing you would do if you got filthy rich?

Absolutely man i’m truly blessed with the way things are going lately and how awesome all my peers are doing. my next song coming out is with lil cxxp and it’s called “diamonds are for friends” as soon as i’m gross rich i’m buying all my true friends diamond chains. then i’m getting a purple M3 and i’ll be content.

That’s literally fire. You gotta go with the chains right? Not a lot of people say that when I ask that question. We’ll definitely get to our blessings that’s for sure. My last question is if you had to pick, who are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

Yeah man giving back to people who help you is an amazing feeling. and damn i knew this one was coming 😂
2. kanye west
3. kid cudi
4. jaden smith
5. the weeknd

I have so many artists i love but i feel like all of those people crafted my music when i started taking it seriously and i’ve since been influenced by more of my alternative and rock roots.

Honestly you can really see some of those influences in your sound and it’s great cause you’re crafting into your own space. That’s a fire list. Now before we sign off do you have any last shoutouts or words of motivation for everyone?

Thank you! and yeah dude i’m always a huge advocate for speaking things into existence and i truly believe we can make our own realities. definitely if you have a passion please pursue it because if you work hard enough you’ll get there. shoutout to all my deadlock brothers and shoutout to the UVC family for always showing love.

You all have such a bright future and we’re gonna keep pushing for those blessings till we get them no questions. It was a pleasure getting the chance to talk with you and thank you for taking the time out!

Check out Nic Violet’s most recent song below.