Florida doesn’t cease to work as a powerhouse for producing wonderful and colorful artists. While some are household names at this point, there’s still ground to cover across the land where talent seeps out from the underground. One of these vessels for talent is Broward County producer and rapper, Nion. Nion recently released a 4 track EP TRIAL AND ERROR.

Nion’s EP has this eerily recognizable and long staying tone to both his beats and vocal delivery. It’s almost an aggressive whisper, akin to what I can only describe as hopping on a track bubbling with emotion all the while trying not to wake a full house up. Moreover, these type of vocals act deceptively intoxicating on top of Nion’s pseudo lo-fi keyboard heavy production.

The intro track Element is a soothing, slow burner. Heavy handed with sustained keyboard chords, and crystal clear vocals, Nion both raps and in some regards sings on this ethereal opening song. The flow that Element exhibits packs a ferocious punch, as Nion utilizes the drum patterns to kick clever bars and various flow changes that juxtapose the dreamlike instrumentals. It’s rather reminiscent of Snoop’s Sexual Eruption, a fitting comparison as Nion too has this calming sensuality to both his voice and beats.

This EP is very well made with memorable tracks, but the most pertinent highlight off this project is the fourth and final track Lonely Company. This track reinforces the lo-fi theme I’ve mentioned prior, as Nion uses this soft vocal delivery to sing a very sleepy and mesmerizing chorus accompanied by soft jazz drums and sustained organ notes. The rapping on this track is also more powerful, a very strong send off to end the EP. The almost indie inspired chorus and traditional rapping compliment each other well; The self described “easily accessible” track stands on its own merits as fulfilling this description, it has something for everybody of all moods.

Lyrically these tracks are also pleasantly dense. The intro track is a composition noting feelings I’m sure many artists harbor, a testament to self doubt, high aspirations, supporting your creative team, and pressure on being your best self- your element. The second track Process is a stand out in this regard. Process is a piece that exhibits bars about the titular creative process, using quickly timed bars to discuss grinding, visions, and the days ahead of Nion. A short, succinct, dulcetly crafted EP, TRIAL AND ERROR fuses this compelling combination of lo-fi, synth pop inspired, jazzy, sultry sound to leave a lasting impression. At each track being around 2 minutes, no song overstays its welcome and leaves the listener fulfilled and satiated. I must thank Nion for dropping this project on our laps, as it’s a pleasant piece to listen to whether it’s minutes before bedtime or ironically a warming collection of tracks to wake up to. Stream the project below.