It was a chance encounter that the baritone St. Louis rapper Trey Bean$ had DM’d me a track rife with smooth, moody vocals with romantic lyrics. This theme of romance, love, and heartbreak persists on the newest EP by the artist, still with glimmering and dainty key chords and bouncy production omnipresent throughout the three track project. These three tracks off Blue Hearts are this fusion of sleepy music, trap, and sensuality where Trey’s vocals guide you through this journey through dreamlike instrumentals and hard hitting samples.

The short three track EP begins with the intro track I Love You. This track kicks off the theme of this hopelessly romantic narrative presented throughout Blue Hearts. Trey possesses this bass-y, deep voice spoken through a gruff whisper that piques your ears the moment he utters “I just want to hit you once watch you spaz out”. The hook of “come on baby let’s be real” rings catchy when it’s atop these light, soft rhythmic piano keys. It isn’t just the dreamlike production I’ve mentioned prior that really grasps the listeners mood on this track (thanks to VRM), but it’s the unique How I Met Your Mother sample that caps off the song as the beat rides out, as Trey’s hook loops softly in the back.

The follow up track, Will You? is more energetic with a present high pitched bouncing synth that leads the track, followed by gunfire and trap drums. This punch up in energy doesn’t jar this song thematically though, as Trey lyrically reflects over being able to be romantically involved with a love interest. He begins making his intentions clear of “hitting one time… 4 times… be mine” and reminiscing of all the things he’s done and sacrificed later in the opening verse. These opening lyrics juxtapose the ending lyrics off the track where he maintains “I won’t cuff, I can’t love, get this dick and go”. Wrapped up with another HIMYM sample quoting loneliness, the energy fades and leaves the listener vulnerable again as the next track rolls in.

This vulnerability of the listener fittingly reflects the subject of Trey’s catchy hooks and somber bars. Spearheading the tommi produced track Do You is the final HIMYM sample, a piece of dialogue that mercilessly drives home this love sick, hazy, mood of the project. Backed by lower toned organ chords, with sustained high pitched, synth piano keys that lend themselves to a sonically hypnotic journey as Trey raps, Do You is a climactic moment for this project. The bars emblematic of this conceptual EP are repeated throughout the track: “You my type, if I got to battle for you, then it’s a fight”. Blue Hearts. is a perfect project for executing a strong thematic consistency throughout each track. The somber, blue, yet polished, shiny production, dramatic dialogue samples from HIMYM, and sensual, romantically longing lyrics are paramount set pieces for the EP. If longer albums and mixtapes can be seen as feature length films or anthologies, Trey Bean$ has successfully orchestrated an emotionally charged short film. Stream the project below.