by Kyle Hughes

From learning instruments at a young age, to his desire to ‘prove the world’ [wrong], Shawty opens up in this exclusive interview.

David, who lives in Seattle, Washington, has traveled around the country whilst growing up. The artist was originally born in San Jose, California. In 3rd grade, David’s family moved to Lewiston, Idaho.

Regarding how the artist created their musical alias, David is a fan of the popular artist, Yung Lean.

“When I started making music, I was listening to a lot of Yung Lean, and he always said ‘shawty’ so I just put it with my first name,” says David Shawty.

David is his government name.

Initially, while at school, Shawty would record freestyles with his friend, via their iPhone. These freestyles would be uploaded to SoundCloud, and the links shared with their school friends.

Shawty continued to make music due to it becoming his passion.

The Seattle artist also comments on his musical origins.

At the beginning, David states that only people from his school listened to his music.

“It wasn’t serious at all,” says Shawty.

Traction was hard to build, initially, but Shawty continued to make music. Over time, a dedicated audience was built.

David’s family life is also positive.

The artist’s father is a musician, and makes music, as well as plays instruments. David’s mother is also supportive of his career, and gave him the freedom to pursue the path that he desired. The artist has a good relationship with his siblings.

Shawty, also, learnt how to play the guitar at age 7. Other instruments soon followed.

When asked to describe himself, David comments that he’s generally a calm individual, but knows how to party.

As an artist, he states that he likes to make whatever type of music he desires.

Shawty also speaks on his other interests, other than music.

The artist would like to work in a weed dispensary, or in that field [weed affiliated jobs]. Shawty would also like to create everyday objects like toothpaste.

“I would like to smoke toothpaste for a living, if that was possible,” says Shawty.

The artist also states that he is inspired by everyday experiences. David also comments that his songs are rarely planned, and are more spontaneous.

However, Shawty still likes to pick up a pen every so often to write lyrics.

“I make music whenever I feel like it pretty much,” says Shawty.

Regarding greatest achievements, Shawty comments on his love for smoking toothpaste- a favourite hobby of his. Shawty also states that proving the world who he is as an artist, is also important to him. In the coming months. David Shawty has more music, and videos, on the way. Merchandise is also planned for 2019.

Stream Shawty’s most recent release below.